Thursday, June 21, 2012

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A Guide to Permits for Filming in Difficult Locations | Marcee Miller | Artbeats Blog
Advice for shooting in public - and non-pubic - spaces.
1-A. Start early. Some park permits can take six weeks!
1. Research – what is worth shooting in the city/location of choice?
2. More research – where are the subjects located? Are they private or public? Are they going to be part of a street scene or panorama, or will they be the subject of the shot?

Sony NEX-FS700 is shipping?
B & H still says that the NEX-FS700 is expected to ship in July, but Peter Crithary of Sony tweeted that some are already shipping:
NEX-FS700 cameras begin!

10+ steps to becoming mega successful in video production and probably winning many awards whilst becoming super rich!! | Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip explains how to be a success:
2: The work will not come to you. Sitting around waiting for that big break if about as likely as winning the lottery. No matter how well received your student film from film school was received Adidas is NOT going to call you up to make their next spot. You will need to put in a lot of hard graft. Getting your name out there may never happen. I know countless talented directors and writers who are not doing what they should be doing as there simply is not enough work in that field to support their families. They make corporate films, anything to bring in the money.

Making the switch: Premiere Pro 6 | Allen Williams | Post Magazine
A Final Cut Pro user - and Adobe beta tester - decides to make the switch to Adobe, after also looking at Avid:
The answer is - it's not terrible. But its also not sexy, it's not sleek, and it's creaking with old age. Avid has some really nice features in it. But compared to Premiere Pro 6, its like using a hammer and a chisel inside a cave wall.

So is Premiere Pro 6 the perfect program? Not yet - it's still a work in progress. Adobe is determined to make it great. Unlike Apple, whose only concern these days is making toys for consumers, and editing systems for Grandpa. And Avid is simply stuck in the past.

Speedgrade CS6 Workflow for Red Epic and Scarlet | James | 5K Insight
A video tutorial:
We at 5k Insight are very impressed with the incredible amount of enhancements Adobe has packed into the latest update. A longtime Final Cut user shook his head and told me, “Final Cut is Dead”. As a long time Final Cut User myself, I wasn’t excited about the new direction Final Cut was heading either. But, lucky for us, Adobe has really stepped it up in their newest release.

The tutorial below is a basic look at how to get your footage into Premiere CS6 (no more Adobe labs plugin!) and take it into Speedgrade (which supports R3D!!!)

Rick McCallum – Reach For the Sky | James Clarke | movieScope
A producer who works with George Lucas talks about producing, and the difficulties for those starting out:
This is the worst time for film finance. How do you make a movie for something under three or four million or over 150 million? For anyone starting out, trying to get three million is like us trying to get 150 million. It’s very tough to make anything. Look at Box Office Mojo and look at the cost; you can add 50 per cent to the budget they show. If it says 100 million budget, chances are it’s 150 million. One out of 100 films makes money.

How to Build Your Own Hackintosh Mac Pro | Danny Greeg | Premiumbeat
Tired of waiting for a new MacPro? This links to different tutorials on building your own Hacintosh:
Lifehacker has addressed this need with a post outlining the tech equipment you need to build your own Hackintosh Mac Pro. They offer up three options for creating either an entry-level, mid-range or high-end version of the Mac Pro using standard PC hardware. Even the most basic Hackintosh on this list is faster than Apple’s current Mac Pro.

How and Why to Make a Short Film Documentary with No Budget – Part 1
| Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
Part of a series on the process of creating a short documentary:
I don’t know how many times it’s been said, but it’s been said a lot. Pre-production planning is paramount to any film. Your project can live or die in how well you plan. As you might imagine, planning for something like this was intense:

Apple Announces 2012 Summer Filmmaking Camps for Kids | MacRumors
Summer camp at the Apple Store:
Apple is again offering free summer camps for kids at its retail stores, focusing on filmmaking using iMovie. Each session of the camp, which is targeted at children ages 8-12, includes two 90-minute weekday workshops where students will learn about filmmaking and then create their films in iMovie using footage shot themselves. The session concludes with an optional Saturday morning film festival in which participants can screen their films for friends and family.

Thoughts on 3D, 4K+ and Prometheus | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Vincent prefers 4K over 3D, and offers his thoughts on the critical reaction to Prometheus:
I think the future is 4K+ personally. The key word is "future." I think that it will be awhile until the industry (outside of tentpole films) will make the leap in terms of their workflow, distribution and until we have 4K+ televisions at home. I do think the future of cinema for large budget films is in higher resolution when those films can be enjoyed in high end theaters, with top of the line projectors (that are maintained) and large (30+ foot) screens.

Two Special Effects Breakdowns from “Prometheus” | FilmmakerIQ
Two YouTube videos looking at effects in Prometheus:
Visual effects supervisor Martin Hill from WETA Digital goes into great detail during his interview about the opening sequence, the creation of life.

Behind the scenes about how the Digital wizards at MPC created the movie’s incredible ships and planetary environments, including the fateful crash of The Prometheus and the fleeing Engineer’s Juggernaut.

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