Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Problems with Final Cut Pro X projects

Reader Ross Hunter dropped me a note last week about a problem he had encountered after updating Final Cut Pro X with a project crashing. He outlines the issue below, along with the solution he found [Note: this is an amalgam of a couple of emails]
Final Cut Pro X has been crashing for me when trying to open one particular project since the update. At first I was unable to open one of my projects. FCPX would crash every time. Other projects opened normally. Finally after digging through the crash log, I saw it was having trouble with a Motion project. I removed the Motion project and FCP would then open normally.

But it later crashed during rendering. I had earlier deleted all render files thinking they might be the culprit. The backup file behaved the same way as the current project file. The suspect Motion project also crashes motion.

I've done the standard trashing of preferences, then render files, but the crashing persists. There are other similar reports now appearing on the Apple FCPX boardRight now, I see six different threads on the first page of postings. One poster on the Apple list said he'd been contacted by Apple.

Ross Hunter

A couple of days later, Ross let me know that he thinks he has solved his problem:
I'm still seeing people posting problems with FCPX, but my project now appears to be stable. I've gone a day or two without a crash.

I found two problems:
1. A Motion project was keeping my Final Cut project from loading and causing a crash. I removed and recreated the Motion project.

2. I found a still image in my project that was causing background rendering to stop with a crash. I turned off background rendering and replaced the image.
Since that time all has worked smoothly.

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