Sunday, February 05, 2012

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Interview with gaffer Eddie Knight about working on Stephen Spielberg's Warhorse:
AN: How about the battle sequences that take place at night?
EK: David Devlin, the lighting director Janusz brought over with him, really likes to use a lot of light and he came up with the idea for a massive lighting bank that we then constructed, with something like 26 Dino pods, two 250 Lightning Strikes and an 18K ARRIMAX. It went back to a dimmer operator and all the pods could flash on cue, in time with the explosions. We had two of those, 120-foot up on cranes, and then other smaller units around with ARRIMAX 18Ks and Dinos flashing. They even put in a CableCam rig with flares on; there were four huge cranes with all these wires and it took them days to rig it. Then when they let off the first flare it scared the horse and Spielberg told them not to use it again!

7 Things You Should Never Say To Filmmakers | Elliot Grove | Raindance
Personally, I don't mind hearing "I really liked your movie"
Fade Out
Want to get noticed by a filmmaker? Just say, with conviction: "I really loved your work." And be prepared to follow up with specific scenes and references which will demonstrate you have seen and studied their film.

Building a better dolly | Frank Glencairn | Vimeo
Nice video of the metal-work involved in assembling a heavy-duty dolly; it might give you an idea for your own construction, but there's no actual plans or instructions!:
A friend of mine, that runs a speed shop helped me to bolt my construction together (I suck at welding).
It stil looks a bit prototypeish, cause there are some bits and the finishing missing, but you get the idea.

Adobe: Here's why Creative Cloud is worth $600 a year | Stephen Shankland
Adobe explains all the things you'll get, including Adobe's Muse and Edge, Lightroom 4, and early access to new features. They also say that if the adoption rate is high enough, they could go to an all-subscription model:
Creative Cloud has several other elements, too, including 20GB of online storage that can be used to sync files across multiple machines, access to Adobe's digital publishing tools for repackaging magazines or other content for tablets, use of the TypeKit service for using fonts on Web sites, and use of Adobe's Business Catalyst service for hosting Web sites.

Digital Filmmakers Podcast Episode #83 | Filmmaking Webinars
In this free podcast Larry Jordan talks about Advanced Video Compression Techniques, specifically answering more questions that were asked in their compression webcast:
In this episode, Larry Jordan talks to us about the advanced features in Compressor 4, then compares them to Telestream Episode Pro. In between all of that, he manages to also talk a bit about FCP X.

Your First Draft: The Easiest Hardest Draft You’ll Ever Write | Jill Remensnyder
| Zacuto
Another in a series from Jill on scriptwriting:
Some writers are blessed with the ability to sit and write without direction; nothing but an idea, inspiration, and dedication to seeing their idea come to life. The majority of people I meet who set out blindly like this usually end up discouraged or driven to madness when their story hits a brick wall or the characters (and/or premise) that appeared bulletproof in those passing daydreams end up flailing and falling apart by the 2nd Act.

How It's Made: Football Games in 3D on TV | Sony | YouTube
How a live 3D sports broadcast is made:
From angles to goal post cameras we got the inside scoop in how they bring us in how they make us feel like we're on the field while sitting on our couches. Now though tomorrow's game will not be broadcast in 3D, we thought we'd plant the seed now to encourage networks to try it out. If anything I'd like to see some rockin commercials in a third dimension.

Final Cut Pro X Comments | Twitter
@rhedpixel | Richard Harrington
I do believe that Apple is (now) aiming for pros (as well as others) with #FCPX... watching a preso where their doing best to show me that.

@editblog Scott Simmons
I'm about done playing with this new #fcpx for the night. some solid features in this update. It might win back a few folks but others, nope

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