Monday, February 06, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes video: "Playing With The Canon C300"

I previously wrote about a test shoot I attended with the Canon C300 a couple of weeks ago. To recap;
Daniel Bérubé of the Boston Creative Pro Users Group (formerly the Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group) arranged for the location, and the use of an EF mount Canon C300. Also present were Don Bérubé (who helped configure the camera and shot a lot of stills of the event), Baylee Ricci who graciously acted as a model, while DP's and shooters who got to play with the camera included Rick Macomber, Chris Loughran, Benjamin Eckstein and Norman Lang, with several others dropping in.
Apart from Don and Dan, no one had used the camera prior to the event.

Here's the video I shot "behind the scenes" of the evening. There's also interviews with Dan, Rick, Chris and Ben. I'm told that the actual video shot with the C300 will be posted online sometime soon. Special thanks to Dan, Rick, Chris and Ben for letting me shoot them learning to use the camera and also for letting me interview them.

Thanks also to Mike Sutton, who arranged for the loan of the Kessler Pocket Dolly and Crane.

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