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One Reason to Get a Sony F3 Instead of the Canon C300: Flexibility | Ryan Koo
| NoFilmSchool
Ryan's ordered a Scarlet, but here he tries to persuade those interested in the C300 that they should really buy the Sony PMW-F3.
C300 has no such “S-Log with external recorder” equivalent (just a flat picture profile setting). But it is much smaller and lighter. The amount to which the C300′s small size is an advantage depends on your own needs… if you’re trying to steal locations the diminutive profile of the C300 may be worth the price of admission alone (though a DSLR will be equally if not more incognito).

Using the C300 to create believable pictures – Late Night Chatter with Rodney Charters, Drew Gardner and Lan Bui – part 2 | VU BUI | The Bui Brothers Blog
Another part of the series of video's posted by these filmmakers:
Rodney talks about true guerrilla filmmaking with a camera like the C300. It’s not only about having a smaller form factor, but the “handholdability” of the camera that makes it such a great tool for truly low-budget shooting. Also, when compared to other cameras around the same price range, you’ve got a true self-contained package. There aren’t boxes to hook up to capture to or wires to plug into the wall… it’s a stand-alone unit that does everything it needs to without hooking up a bunch of stuff just to get it to a workable state.

Bob The Aviator - a Canon C300 short | Dan Chung | Vimeo
A short video shot with the C300:
Shot entirely on a pre-production Canon C300 by a team of shooters. They are DOP Andy Jackson, dslrnewsshooter's Dan Chung, Owner of Cherryduck productions James Velacott and freelance shooter Felix Clay. The whole short was shot in one short winter's day and edited by Cherryduck's in house team.

The Making of Cinema EOS: Sneak Peek | Production Hub
A sort of best-of of the behind-the-scenes videos made on the Canon C300:
A behind the scenes look into the making of the Cinema EOS films, featuring insights from the directors and cinematographers, in their own words.
Shot exclusively with Canon XF series camcorders.

Live Q&A with Nikon reveals D4 video shortcomings | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Andrew loves to hate Nikon, and he's found some reasons to dislike the Nikon D4:
The downsampling of the sensor is similar to the Nikon J1, a $499 mirrorless camera. According to Nikon, “subsampling is only along each horizontal video line; there’s no sub-sampling between video lines.
” Frankly this is bloody ridiculous. I’ve seen the results of this on the J1 and it isn’t pretty – sheering on fine diagonal patterns and very soft detail. I expect better from a pro DSLR. With that in mind don’t expect resolution on the D4 to beat the GH2 or Canon 1DX with DIGIC 5.

Red Scarlet-X #562 "Nova" Unboxing | Wade Yamaguchi | Vimeo
A fun little unboxing:
I recently purchased the Red Scarlet-X and decided to shoot a motion controlled timelapse of me opening the box. I used a 5D with the 16-35mm lens and the Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly with the Basic Controller to capture the timelapse. Got to love the little Christmas tree in the background since the Scarlet with be my Christmas present for the 10 years haha!

4p Judder and 60i Conversion | Andy Shipsides | AbelCine
Here's why 24p looks jumpy. Includes sample videos:
24p is ‘jumpy’ by its nature, but the look of 24p video in a digital video camera can still come across a little more ‘jumpy’ then you’d expect. There are several reasons for this, which I explain in article for HDVideoPro magazine called “Did I Judder.” As part of the article, I put together these two videos to show the difference between native 24p video and 24p converted to 60i. I did this because much of the 24p content we see has been converted to 60i already, which has a smoothing effect that is very noticeable on television.

JVC GY-HMQ10 available from March for £4340 | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
A small 4K camera that will cost about $5,000. Who will buy it?
JVC’s exclusive Falconbrid LSI processing takes raw image data from the camera’s CMOS device and dematrixes (deBayers) it in real time. Unlike many high end 4K cameras, the GY-HMQ10 is able to output 4K images to a monitor or projection system in real time with virtually no latency. This capability opens up applications in cinematography, medical microscopy, telepresence, specialised observation / surveillance, and live wide-view event coverage.
JVC Introduces a Compact 4K Camcorder, shipping in March | FreshDV

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ760V | Jeremy Stamas |
I agree with Camcorderinfo; it might be nice but would anyone buy this just to get the projection capabilities?
The Handycam HDR-PJ760V is essentially a combination of two previous Sony camcorders: the HDR-PJ30V and the HDR-CX700V. Sony took the built-in projector from the PJ30V and strapped it onto the body of the CX700V, which had all the controls and features one would expect from a flagship Sony camcorder. The result means the HDR-PJ760V is a top-line camcorder with professional features and plenty of manual controls—and a built-in video projector.

Sony Releases LED Video Light for Its Camcorders | Daniel Brun | Videomaker
Sony announces their own little LED video light:
The light, which looks very similar to LitePanels’ MicroPro LED offering, can be mounted on any Sony camcorder with a shoe mount. The LED light will be adjustable from 10% to 100% brightness and will include 60 powerful LEDs (which should be good for 1800 lux).

Lights Galore | Cristina Valdivieso | Shoot Edit Learn
A blog post about getting some lights and setting them up for the first time:
So I had everything I needed and the main test was going to be actually putting all of these to the work. We had been planning on shooting the first episode of our new cooking show for editors for a while now but I wanted to wait till we had all our new gear. What I didn’t think about was just how small our kitchen is and how challenging lighting my first scene ever would me. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy but I didn’t really think how hard it would be to deal with space limitations, glass everywhere, and way too many stainless steel appliances.

7 G&E Techniques Useful to Camera Assistants | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
More tips for the camera grip:
1. Place the Sandbag on the Foremost Leg of a C-stand
This is Gripping 101 — make sure you place the sandbag on the tallest leg of a C-stand and make sure that leg is underneath the weight.
But let’s back up a bit further: you should always add a bag of dirt to stands that are holding something valuable, heavy, or high in the air.

Digital Broadcasting Group Goes Online With CS5.5 |
Another software editing suite switching article. It seems to be a trend that they are short on details:
“We were moving to an HD workflow and needed a new, nonlinear editor,” explains Davyeon Ross, CEO and founder of Digital Sports Ventures. “The integration of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 software with our Dixon Sports Computing video management system made Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium the clear pick.”

Canon PowerShot G1 X Brief Hands On | CanonRumors
A short hands-on with the new large-sensor point-and-shoot, the Canon G1 X:
The first think you notice is the size of the camera. It’s nearly the same size as the PowerShot G12 at first glance. The one glaring size difference is the rather large lens. Even when the camera is at it’s widest focal length, the lens sticks out a fair bit. Zoom in and the lens extends further.

Adobe After Effects | Facebook
Adobe is looking for input from users:
We are hosting a series of round table discussions to get thoughts from design professionals on a proposed new Creative Suite product offering. We want to understand the challenges you face and if our proposed solution would enable you to solve critical business needs & make sense for a variety of workflows. Meetings typically take two hours and can be held virtually or in person. If you are interested participating please email Victoria Selwyn at to see if you qualify.

edelkrone - The Pocket Rig - First Look | edelkrone | Vimeo
A brief video of the Pocket Rig a small portable and lightweight DSLR Rig. I tried a rig like this that rests against your chest, and didn't like it, but your mileage may vary.

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