Tuesday, January 10, 2012

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DP’S DISCUSS THE CANON C300 | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
At last week's intro to the C300 I interviewed some of the attendees for their reactions to the camera for this article for Filmmaker Magazines website:
...what I’m most impressed about tonight, having already seen footage before, is that this camera has a really nice feel in my hands. The controls are really obviously laid out; I’ve got my confidence indicators right on the screen for ASA, color temperature, and wave form. Everything is very beautifully laid out, there’s only a couple of buttons the operator really needs to deal with that set everything you need to know. It’s very obvious how to use it at a glance and it feels really comfortable.

First Impressions of the Canon CinemaEOS C300 | Tom Talbot
| Rule Boston Camera
Tom Talbot of Rule Boston Camera offers his own thoughts on the camera, including some interesting notes on camera bags for this unusually shaped camera!
I will devote a future blog entry to the C300 menu structure but I can say that the interface was very intuitive and familiar. The menu can be superimposed on the EVF, the LCD or the external outputs. In the case of the external connectors you do not get all superimposed info such as WFM, VECT or some other items. There is also a very handy rear display below the EVF that gives you access to ISO/Gain, White Balance, and shutter angle. I found this to be the place where I would quickly choose the Function button and toggle between and change these core settings.

The Director's Chair: the One Man Band | Raafi Rivero | NoFilmSchool
Looking to shoot a movie on a constrained budget? This article has some tips!
Stealing means shooting somewhere without permission. Now, let’s get this straight. I highly recommend getting permission to shoot… you know, producing. But sometimes it’s just not going down that way. And if that’s the case, these are some simple ideas for how to steal a shot. First off, if they see you walk in there with a slate and all kinds of microphones and lights rigged to your camera, you’re getting stopped. But if they see you there with the camera1 alone and a couple actors? Maybe you’re tourists. Use this to your advantage. Free extras!

"Season On the Edge" Shoots on Panasonic AG-AF100 Camcorders | TV Technology
An unfortunately very short article on using the AF100 for shooting a television series:
“We've had the AF100 in all sorts of nasty places for Season on the Edge, and the camera has been a workhorse for me,” Halberd said. “It’s a great tool. This is hard core fishing in extreme environments, with all the elements against us. Not to mention a hefty workflow.”

Advanced Roto Brush In After Effects | Colin Smith | AdobeTV
Colin has been producing a series of video's on how to use After Effects:
Adobe introduced the powerful Roto Brush in After Effects CS5 allowing you to increase your productivity when compositing layers together. Colin has some great tips to help you get the most out of Roto Brush including how to help After Effects make the best choices when propagating new frames.

How does Vimeo's encoding affect the colors in your video? | Forum | Vimeo
Have you had color problems with your video's on Vimeo? If so, they'd like to hear from you:
Some users have observed that the colors in their videos change after uploading to Vimeo. We realize that this is a real issue for many of you and we want to do something about it. Before we do, though, we'd like to get a better understanding of what is going on here.

Have you experienced color shift in your videos after uploading them to Vimeo? If so, please post below and explain how your video's colors changed.

Once we compile enough information, we are going to take steps to correct the problem so that your videos' colors stay as true as possible on Vimeo.

LaCie Reveals New Drives and Hubs with Thunderbolt Technology | Daniel Bruns
| Videomaker
It's interesting when companies announce Thunderbolt devices; but it would be even more interesting when they start shipping them:
What’s even more interesting is that LaCie has also designed a new eSATA hub using Thunderbolt in order to hook up to 2 eSATA drives to a Thunderbolt interface at full eSATA speeds. In addition, the hub includes another Thunderbolt port for daisy-chaining making it possible to use up to 12 eSATA drives via a single Thunderbolt connection at the full 3GB/s speed.

Canal Plus drops 3-D | Philip Hunter | Broadcast Engineering
Things are not looking too good for broadcast 3D in Europe; probably a good time for the manufacturers to start selling 4K TV sets instead:
The move reflects growing loss of momentum for 3-D in Europe, caused by a combination of lukewarm consumer response and lack of available content. The first signs of this were apparent early in 2011 if not before, with the publication by analyst group Ovum of a report called The State of 3-D (Strategic Focus) identifying a lack of enthusiasm among broadcasters as 53 percent of survey respondents regarded it as low priority.

How to Keep Your Home Office Professional and Productive | Ron Dawson
| Dare Dreamer
Some tips for those working from home:
Don’t work in your PJs all day. The way you dress has a profound impact on how you act during the day. It will subtly affect how you talk on the phone, how you sit at your desk, and the mindset you have when you go to work. So do at home what you would do if you went to an office. Shower, brush you teeth, put on your clothes, then go to work.

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