Saturday, December 31, 2011

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C300 | Rodney Charters | Vimeo
Rodney Charters shot this video of Drew Gardner and Lan Bui talking about the Canon C300 while shooting at the Billingsgate Fish Market. The BTS video was shot on the iPhone 4S.

How To Make Money From Moving Image: Producing & Others | El Skid | Wide Open Camera
Another article from El Skid about making it in the movie business, this time about being a Producer:
Producing is a skill all of its own and should not be considered the default fall-back for those who weren’t really good enough to direct. I’m really not very good at it, I’m way too nice to people and don’t negotiate prices properly. In fact I suck at producing. Which is bad really since about 90% of the work I do carries a producer/director credit. What I like is putting projects together, pulling all the elements into place so that it can happen. The budget and the operational side I’m just not interested in, which is why I prefer to hire a production manager to take care of all of that.

Sneak Peek Cinema Skater DSLR Dolly | Cheesycam
Neat little skater that will hold heavier cameras. I'd like to see the video shot by that camera in the demo...
A quick look at the new Cinema Skater Video dolly that can support larger size cameras. On the dolly you’ll see the huge Manfrotto 501HDV fluid head. There is no possible way this head would mount up on the smaller Pico Flex Dolly, so if you’re looking for a dolly to support something like a Sony FS100, Panasonic AF100, or even a RED Scarlet here’s an option.

Shooting Video? Better Under than Overexposed | Richard Harrington | Blog
A tip on exposure:
The key is to always protect your highlights. Do not let the bright areas of your image (like skies or faces) get clipped. One view you likely have on your camera is a histogram. You typically can see this after taking a photo or cycling through your view options (in most cameras you can push the Info button or press your navigation dial from side to side to cycle views). If the histogram is pushed against the right edge, it means you have no information to work with. Blown out highlights go pure white and there is just no way to recover the details.

FS 100 G-LOG (Type A) S&Q | ADW | Vimeo
Demo video shot using the Sony NEX-FS100 G-LOG recipe A from Frank Glencairn:
In each case you see the raw G-LOG clip and a corrected version.
Warning: This clip includes Raccoon-based colour correction. I also upped the saturation. Sorry, there's no sound.

Part 1 now live!! The Christmas mini shootout with the C300 (pre-production), F3, FS100, hacked GH2 and more!! | Philip Bloom | Blog
Posted a link to this post before, but Philip has updated the video because of problems with the Sony NEX-5n video.

Slo-Mo with the GoPro HD Hero2 | Jeff Foster | ProVideoCoalition
Using the GoPro Camera HD HERO2 under water:
I set up the camera attached to a light stand and rigged a short brace to help control the swaying in the water when the GoPro got splashed. Here you’ll see the mount and the GoPro’s lens just below the water line. The LCD BacPac helped me line up the shots a bit easier than just “guessing”. It’s a real time saver, but does add to the overall weight of the camera/housing.

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