Friday, December 23, 2011

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Kessle takes a new stealth approach to Sliders | Dan Chung | DSLR News Shooter
If you need to be mobile in the field, smaller and lighter is better:
Enter the new Stealth hybrid slider which takes the Pocketdolly’s portability and combines it with drag control and a super smooth rolling precision stainless steel ball bearing wheel system on the carriage. It does not have the crank handle from the Pocketdolly and the overall design is more sleek than previous dollies. It can be used with DSLR as well as larger cameras like the Sony F3 or even some broadcast models.

The Latest OS X Lion Hackintosh Recommendations for Video Editors
| No Film School
Save money, build yourself a Hackintosh:
I recently upgraded my machine to OS X Lion (it’s working great), and so I also updated the guide to reflect an easy way to do it, courtesy Unibeast from Tonymac:
The guide has been updated to reflect the latest hardware recommendations and OS X Lion instructions. My machine’s currently running OS X 10.7.2 flawlessly.

FCP X: Saving Audio Presets | Larry Jordan | Blog
Instructions on how to save custom audio filter settings in both Final Cut Pro X and Soundtrack Pro:
The process is somewhat simpler for Soundtrack Pro because virtually every filter allows saving custom presets. Unlike Final Cut, which applies filters to clips, Soundtrack filters are applied to a track. This means that every clip in the track is modified by that filter.

Conforming and Compositing 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' | Tyler Nelson
| Digital Content Producer
Interesting that it was cut on Final Cut Pro:
Managing data was one of our biggest challenges, especially because we were working with half a dozen different VFX vendors. Kirk [Baxter] and Angus cut the film using Apple Final Cut Pro again, but when it came time to conform the film and create the digital master, we used Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 software. We also brought data extracted from [Andersson Technologies] SynthEyes, a third-party 3D tracking program, into After Effects to create a cost-effective, desktop-based stabilization and tracking system.

The Ultimate Sony NEX-FS100 Rig! | jean-philippe archibald | blog
Jean-Philippe wanted a shoulder rig that was perfectly balanced for the NEX-FS100:
So after this tryout, what became obvious to me is there seems to be no off the shelve perfect solution for my utilization. So I started to look at every single component available in the market from every company trying to put together the best rig, for me. I also had to build and modify some parts to suits my needs better. It is definitely not going to work for everyone, but I’m sure my finding might help other building there own rig for there specifications.

How to Make An Animated Title Sequence in Cinema 4D and After Effects
| The Gorilla | GreyScaleGorilla
How to create 3D text titles:
Vimeo asked me to do a tutorial for their excellent Vimeo School series and I said “heck yes!” It’s all about how to make a fun animated title using Cinema 4D and After Effects. In Lesson 1, we build the logo from a vector file and prepare it for render. In part 2, we composite it in After Effects using the built in Tracking Software, lens blur and color correction. Follow along over at Vimeo School or watch it below.

EOSHD GH2 Patch Vault | EOSHD
There may have been problems with the first patches for the GH2 that EOSHD posted. They've now been updated.

cineLook Tutorial | Denver Riddle | Color Grading Central
A tutorial/ad for using Cinelook, a plug-in for Final Cut Pro X:
In this tutorial I cover the features and functionality of cineLook™ for HDSLR’s including a workflow for working with Technicolor’s CineStyle using the “S Curve” that comes with cineLook™.

the rc #104 The year in review | podcast | FXGuide
The final podcast for 2011 covers the year in review, plus anti-aliasing reviews, gear and scandals.

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