Sunday, December 18, 2011

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DIY Indie Air Cannons | Realm Pictures | Vimeo
Very cool little tutorial video showing how to create a practical effect explosion with an inexpensive air canon. They are also offering some other tutorials:
For a tutorial on how to create your own DIY compressed air cannon like the one shown in the video, along with 9 other action tutorials, skip along to our KickStarter page and pick up the Indie Action Pack!

The Ultimate Guide to a Camera Assistant’s Toolkit | Evan Luzi | The Black And Blue
Another interesting article at The Black And Blue about putting together a toolkit:
For me, I started out working heavily with the RED One on feature films. As such, my initial toolbag purchase was catered towards that kind of work. Nowadays I have been working a lot on commercials that use DSLR’s. Many of the tools I had acquired to work with the RED don’t have functions while shooting with a DSLR. On the flipside, many of the basic tools I have work in both types of gigs.

Build A Jib From 5 Pieces of Scrap | DIY Photography
I started building a jib like this about a year ago and never finished. Maybe it's time to get to work again:
Jibs can bring huge production value to your videos. See this tutorial by J. P. Morgan for example. Alas they don't come cheap. A small starters jib will set you back about $270 and a production monster like this one will be about a left kidney.

I just wish someone will have plans for a small and affordable crane. Lucky me you. Videographer Dan Colvin from Unitips has a tutorial just like this.

Seagate and Western Digital cutting hard drive warranties in 2012 | Adi Robertson | The Verge
Hard drive warranties are coming appears:
This isn't the first time hard drive companies have announced across-the-board warranty cuts — an article from 2002 shows almost the same changes, with the same explanation that Seagate and WD are bringing their warranties in line with those of similar computer components. It even included the extended warranty fees that Western Digital promised in its latest announcement.

Introduction to SpeedGrade | Colin Smith | Adobe.TV
Adobe recently acquired the grading software SpeedGrade. In this video tutorial, Colin Smith demos the software:
Colin is very excited to show you the newly acquired film finishing and color grading application SpeedGrade from IRIDAS. SpeedGrade contains powerful finishing tools to import EDLs from any editing environment and from there, conform, color grade and render out to multiple formats.

EOSHD releases hacked GH2 patches and film modes | EOSHD
Different patches for the GH2?
Are you mystified by the sheer amount of patches and settings out there for the hacked GH2? I certainly am. Well there is a saying that has served me well in the past – if you want something doing properly, do it yourself! I have been working on my own patches. I’ve optimised these as well as the film modes and I shoot with them on my own work. I believe them to be the most optimal patches and film modes for the best image quality currently possible on the GH2 – at least to my eye.

Brendan Galvin Creates An "Immortal" Look | Panavision
Interview with Cinematographer Brian Galvin, primarily about working with Panavision lenses:
Q: Do you have a different approach in how you shoot anamorphic vs. spherical?
BG: I know anamorphic lenses are faster than they used to be, but I like a little more depth in anamorphic, unless it’s for a specific storytelling point. I am very practical when it comes to work, so there are certain considerations: like how available are the lenses where you are shooting? I want good equipment that works. One thing about anamorphic is people like the flares you get which you don’t get in spherical, and if that’s required, I prefer to do it in camera. I’ve never shot anamorphic digitally.

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