Monday, December 19, 2011

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Four Minutes With ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ | Gavin Edwards
| New York Times
Editors Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter with director David Fincher discuss a scene from the movie:
To illuminate that job, and the trio’s ongoing collaboration, we asked Fincher, Baxter and Wall to break down a four-minute sequence that occurs early in “Dragon Tattoo.” The narrative set-up: The journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) is visiting the aging industrialist Henrik Vanger (Christopher Plummer), who is asking him to investigate a decades-old mystery involving his niece Harriet. Blomkvist agrees to listen, reluctantly, though he is determined to catch his 4:30 train. And ... action.

Nela | Sebastian Wiegärtner | Vimeo
Oh my! This is probably the first baby video shot with the Canon C300!
Short film about my baby girl Nela, which I shot on her first day on planet earth (18th December 2011). Love my girls Eva, Annabelle and Nela. x
Canon C300 Pre Production Model
C-Log 720/50 frames per second

Sony FS100 - Fiddling with Picture Profile | Sam Morgan Moore | Vimeo
Experimenting with different picture profiles and the NEX-FS100:
My rough conclusion goes like this..

You are going to have to let your specular highlights blow
Exposing the majority of your image correctly yields best results
Battle contrast using lights, reflectors, and defocus your highlights with a wide TStop
I think the best profiles are gained when being reasonable

Red: The Camera That Changed Hollywood | Lee Gomes | Technology Review
A look at the history of Red:
Digital movie cameras were already on the market when the Red team began their work. But the image quality of early digital cameras was nowhere near what was required for a feature movie. Quality was improving—but Jannard wanted his first model to leapfrog past all current digital cameras and exceed the strictest performance specs, even for film.

Time Re-mapping Footage in Adobe Premiere Pro | Richard Harrington
| Creative COW
A video tutorial on changing clip speed in Premiere Pro:
In this tutorial for the Premiere Pro Video Adrenaline series, Richard Harrington talks about how to control time inside Premiere Pro. There are many options to change the speed of clips, including the rate stretch tool, time remapping to achieve a variable speed value, and using After Effects own remapping abilities to fine tune your results.

Freelance. To Incorporate Or Not | Jared Abrams | Wide Open Camera
Interesting tax advice on incorporating (as an individual you can write stuff off your taxes too...though as a corp you will avoid having to have withholding out of what someone pays you...)
The first hurdle in incorporating is getting your accountant’s blessing. Many accountants will tell you “it’s not worth it” or “You don’t make enough to justify incorporating” That is just fooey! They either don’t have the program to deal with corporations or they don’t want to get it. Luckily mine was totally on board and suggested establishing an S-Corp. S-Corps are fairly easy to maintain with only one yearly filing and an update of the list of officers. I decided to go with Nevada because of the killer tax laws there. It will be up to you to decide where to incorporate.

Paramount Pictures Celebrates 100 Years With A New Logo | imjustcreative
The new logo isn't that interesting, but hey - Paramount is 100! I always thought the Raiders of the Lost Ark was the best use of the logo...

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