Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Sony Steps Up Manufacturing After Pre-Orders Land F65 4K Camera in U.S. Top 200 | Carolyn Giardina | Hollywood Reporter
If you thought the Canon C300 was expensive, then don't even look at this baby, which costs $65,000:
Sony plans to begin shipping the camera to customers in early January and started to take pre-orders in September.
Kanemura said US-based resellers of the F65 would include AbelCine, BandPro and Rule Boston Camera.

Sony's F65 Camera Get First Shoulder Rig | HD Magazine
SHAPE of Canada has developed a shoulder rig for the F65; how much does that thing weigh? - 35 pounds!
There's a short teaser video: SHɅPE WORLD PREMIERE F65 TEASER | SHAPE | Vimeo

THE SONY FS100: A LIVED IN REVIEW | El Skid | Wide Open Camera
After spending some months with the NEX-FS100, El Skid offers his thoughts:
It really is that kind of camera, on the one hand infuriating, on the other hand, just brilliant. Funnily enough though, all those reasons that bugged the hell out of me when I first got the camera, don’t bother me at all now. I’ve just got used to them, the same way we all did with those posed by DSLRs. You find solutions to the problems, and while they’re not always the most elegant, they get you through.

Director David Cronenberg on Working with Actors | AFI | YouTube
In a clip from a recent AFI Harold Lloyd Master Seminar Director David Cronenberg talks about working with actors.
"I leave them alone, the actors. That really is good. Get good actors and let them be good."

Where Is Thunderbolt? | Larry Jordan | Blog
Another report on how Thunderbolt peripherals haven't yet lived up to expectations/hopes:
Basically, Thunderbolt was released to the market too early. Thunderbolt requires not just one chip from Intel, but a master chip and a variety of supporting chips to be able to handle all the signal processing.

The first problem was that there was a shortage of both the master chip and the supporting chips.
There's a discussion thread on the topic at Creative COW: Why Thunderbolt drives are taking so long to come to market - Larry Jordan explains

Some Magic Bullet Goodies, Just in Time for the Holidays | Andrew Cheyne
| Red Giant
Updates to PhotoLooks 1.5.2, Looks 2.0.4, Colorista II 1.0.5, and Grinder 1.5.1:
The elves at Red Giant have been merrily working away on some updates to the Magic Bullet Suite, checking a few items off our lists to try and ensure your latest film project doesn’t end up looking like a lump of coal. This will also be the first Magic Bullet Suite installer that will not contain Denoiser 1.0 (more below).
The Ultimate Secret Santa: Red Giant is also having a sale sometime this week:
During the week of December 12-16, 2011, we are running a very big sale... a Secret Sale. This Secret Sale will last ONE DAY ONLY.
We are not yet revealing the particular day and what is included -- that's why it's a secret! You can check our home page each day beginning Monday, Dec 12. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for details. Or look for a newsletter next week with the Secret Coupon Code inside.

Is the Camera Department Right for You? | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
A video (with transcription) of all the reasons why you might not want to work in the camera department of the film industry:
When you’re working in the camera department, you don’t get a lot of free time or a lot of breaks. You’re pretty much gonna show up, you’re gonna be one of the first people on set, and while everybody else is having breakfast, you’re probably just gonna grab something to go, and eat it while you’re building the camera. Then you’re gonna work all the way until lunch — you’ll get your lunch break. And then you’ll work all the way until wrap.

RedRock Micro's MicroTape Review | Kyle Wullschleger | RedUser
A short - but to the point - review of Redrock Micro's Microtape [$795], the new digital tape measure:
My review -

It works!

That is all.

An IQ Interview with Philip Bloom (the Wrap) | FilmmakerIQ
Audio podcast with Philip Bloom that cover's several topics:
FilmmakerIQ’s John Hess sits down with Philip Bloom, one of the internet’s leading sources for digital cinematography. We chat about what cameras to consider, the Red Scarlet X and his decision to withdraw his order, his career and what advice he has to give to aspiring filmmakers.

If IKEA made a Steadicam then this World Be It: The Stead i Cam | Cinescopophilia
Another budget steadicam, this one is a very intriguing design for a stabilizer; though it appears you need a laser-cutter to really do a good job.
The design, in Adobe Illustrator format, is available here: STEAD I CAM OFFICIALLY OPEN SOURCE!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera (Body Only) | B & H PhotoVideo
B & H, and others, are selling the 5D Mark II at discounted prices; at the moment it's $2,039.00

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