Sunday, December 11, 2011

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F3 - C300 - 1D side by side | Mario Feil | Vimeo
Mario posts another short video featuring the Canon C300, this time showing how it compares to other cameras shooting some different scenes.
We put up a simply light setup, didn't change anything and just switched the cameras.
1Dmk4 - Cinestyle
C300 - Canon Log
F3 - basic PP
You can also now download some of the MXF files from Nino Leitner's article: UPDATE – MXF files available for download!

Philip Bloom, Seeing RED! | Steve Hall | Blog
Philip's return of his RED Epic continues to percolate around the web:
He does not have a C300(yet) and he only had a brief look at the camera in a coffee shop. so to say that he is promoting it is crazy (I read this on the gh2 hack forum )
If canon wanted him to promote their camera, wouldn’t the logical thing be to ask him to make one of the short films for its big release????

Clean those Adobe Media Cache Files | Scott Simmons | ProVideoCoalition
If you're not careful, Premiere can fill up your disk space with work files:
While cleaning and preparing my system drive for a backup recently I was looking through the great visual disk management application DaisyDisk and I saw a big chunk of files on my boot drive in an Adobe folder called Media Cache Files.

Tom Guilmette | Twitter
Tom Guilmette tweeted this: Classic one-liner... Lighting director to director of photography:
"so how many suns are on this planet of yours?
 ...feel free to use that.

Sony F65 iPad Control | Post Magazine | Lockerz
A picture of the iPad app for the Sony F65 uploaded by Post Magazine.

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro HDSLR Viewfinder Review | Videomaker | Mark Holder
A positive review of the Zacuto EVF:
The future of the Z-Finder EVF Pro looks very bright indeed. It solves one of the greatest deficiencies in today's HDSLRs by providing a small frame, high-resolution remote monitor with a plethora of focusing, exposure and other professional features, while at the same time getting it off the camera where it can be easily used regardless of how and where it is mounted.

Smoke for Final Cut Pro Users | Grant Kay | ProVideoCoalition
A short introduction to getting started with Autodesk Smoke, by a Smoke trainer, with a link to additional material:
To introduce FCP users to Smoke, I recently partnered with Rick Young of to produce a series of blog posts specifically designed to give FCP editors an overview of Smoke in familiar terms. While I can’t promise that watching these videos will have you moving around Smoke as quickly as you do Final Cut Pro 7, you should end up with a better understanding of what Smoke is and how its capabilities compare to your current FCP workflow.

RED Scarlet X Rentals Now Available! (PL Mount) | TJR FIlms
A rental package for the Scarlet-X costing $645 a day. That's probably about what you'd pay for a Sony PMW-F3 (depending on what accessories you wanted.)

DVTV: Kessler Crane Tour, Beachtek DXA-5Da Review | Tony Reale | NextWaveDV
A video program looks at Kessler and the Beachtek DXA-5Da [$219.95]:
This week we take a tour of Kessler Crane‘s headquarters with Eric Kessler and Chris Beller. Together they show us how Kessler Crane started and some new gear they are working on including the Stealth Slider and Fusion Motion Control System. Then we review the Beachtek DXA-5Da audio adapter for DSLR video.

Boston startups driving the future of web video innovation, despite the incumbents | Kyle Psaty | Boston Globe
YouTube just introduced advanced analytics, but here's a look at two companies that have already been offering similar features:
"For example, one of the most blogged-about new features on YouTube -- “audience retention reporting,” which shows where viewers get bored -- solves a problem Wistia solved for its clients long ago; they called it "video heat mapping" when the service launched in August 2009. Brightcove launched its own analytics module, which included a similar tool, a week later and had clearly been working on the problem simultaneously."

Creating Subtitles with Sony Vegas | montagical | YouTube
A video tutorial showing how to create subtitles in Sony Vegas.

Free Yellow Submarine Book | iTunes
Apple has released a new interactive book; The Beatles Yellow Submarine. It includes animations and a read-aloud function. Performance is a bit iffy - at least on my iPad 1 - but it is pretty. Get a copy if you have kids!

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