Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Moire and Aliasing no more?! A solution for the 5DmkII. Full review now up!
| Philip Bloom | Blog
Philip posts his complete review of the Mosaic Engineering anti-moire filter for the Canon 5D Mark II. He found that it provided a "massive" improvement in image quality, removing most aliasing and much of the moire.
NEGATIVES; Not good with wide angle lenses. Some lenses work better with it than others. Not parfocal. Slight image softening. Close up focus changed. Be careful with old Nikon lenses with the bit of metal that sticks out. It can damage your filter and if you are not careful like me…your camera too!

35mm f/1.4 Showdown | Matthew Duclos | Circle of Confusion
Matthew compares the budget Bower/Rokinon (actually made by Samyang) 35mm f/1.4 [$499.00] with the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 ZF [$1,843.00]. Noting that there's some material and functional differences, he finds the image quality to be very, very similar. He also notes that the Samyang is a little closer to a 30mm than 35mm.
I wish I could say the Zeiss blows the Bower out of the water. But the truth is, if I was looking for a high speed, budget 35mm, the Bower is a great option and really makes one wonder why the Zeiss is so much more expensive. I think the Zeiss caters more toward the professional HDSLR video shooter with it’s reliability and slightly higher image quality.

10 Reasons to hate the Sony FS100 | El Skid | Wide Open Camera
After spending a few weeks shooting with the Sony NEX-FS100, El Skid comes up with a list of ten reasons to hate the camera (he promises a list of things to like about it too)
8. Kit lens.
The kit lens is actually very good. 18-200 is a very useful range for video work. It’s slow as hell though and you have to change the iris via a rancid scroll wheel on the side of the camera that reminds me of the bad old days of the PD150. It’s unresponsive, lacks feel and makes you feel like you have no control when shooting. I hate it. The focus ring on the lens is a weird fish too. It seems to make no sense, you easily overshoot focus, then suddenly you’re having to crank hard just to get where you need to be. The lens happily extends all by itself if you point the camera down. Oh dear.

YouTube adds a built-in video editor | Josh Lowensohn | CNet
YouTube releases a simple editor for performing touch-ups to video that you've uploaded:
"We noticed a lot of the videos that were uploaded to YouTube could use some polish, some basic video editing," Toff said. "We noticed a lot of videos that had extra footage at the beginning that could have been trimmed off, or some footage at the end that could be trimmed off, a lot of videos that were really shaky and could use stabilization, and dark videos, etc."

1Ds Mark IV & 5D Mark III [CR0.5] | CanonRumors
The Canon DSLR rumors are heating up again. MPEG 4:2:2 compression? That would be interesting...

D|Matte | DFocusSystem
The D\Matte is a budget Matte box designed for DSLR users. It should be available shortly and they just updated their product page:
The D|Matte was specifically designed with DSLR lenses in mind featuring two 4 x 4 filter slots, one rotating and includes an adjustable French flag. Available as a clip-on model only at launch, however an adjustable, swing away, rail mount will be available in the summer as an optional upgrade.

Review: GenArts Sapphire Edge
| Scott Simmons | StudioDaily
Scott was initially skeptical about this package of looks and effects that works with Final Cut and Vegas, but he actually was won over by it's features and quality, with some reservations:
I still think it's a little pricey for what is essentially a package of canned looks and lens flares. But the quality of the effects becomes evident once you dig in. For some, the options that let you make these effects your own will justify the price. Watch the demo and see if Edge could lend you a hand in your studio.

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