Sunday, May 01, 2011

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Final Cut Pro Problems
I've been having problems with Final Cut Pro lately; it keeps asking for my administrator's password whenever it starts, and half the time it seems to hang during the open.

So today I deleted the application, following these instructions: Uninstalling Final Cut Pro 3 in Mac OS X, and then I spent about three hours re-installing the application...and then it still wasn't fixed!

Oh well. Try again tomorrow....When will FCP X ship?

Hello, future: A Music Video Challenge
Make a music video with one of 3 Moby tracks available to download below. Submission deadline is Midnight EST May 9, 2011.
The winner will be announced and their video screened at this year's New Directors' Showcase in Cannes, as well as on the Vimeo site. They will also be offered the chance to work on a project in one of Saatchi & Saatchi's key offices around the Saatchi & Saatchi Global Network.
Vimeo: SaatchiandSaatchi

Apple to introduce new iMacs May 3rd?
AppleInsider reports that Apple will roll-out new iMac's "as early as" May 3rd. These iMacs should feature second-generation Core i chips and the Thunderbolt port. AppleInsider: Apple preparing to introduce Sandy Bridge iMacs early next week - sources

More on the Technicolo Cinestyle for Canon EOS
Everyone's playing with this new Picture Style and posting their results. I must admit, I was tempted to install it today, but then I got hung up re-installing Final Cut Pro...

Alex Cican:
I personally have yet to be convinced that it’s far better than the Neutral Picture Style. I’ll continue testing it (maybe a more thorough test) over the forthcoming weeks and hopefully arrive at a conclusion.
AlexCican: Canon 5D MKII Technicolor Picture Style

Zach at Zach's Camera follows up his test from yesterday with a test of flesh tones using CineStyle, SuperFlat, MarvelCine and Neutral. CineStyle came out on top for a regularly exposed image, and second for the over-exposed text; just behind Neutral.
Before CineStyle was released, I used to prefer SuperFlat when I needed the dynamic range and Neutral when I didn't, but now I will most likely be using CineStyle all the time because not only does it have the raised dynamic range, It is extremely flexible in grading.
Technicolor CineStyle vs. SuperFlat vs. MarvelCine vs. Neutral

Samuel Hutchinson provides a short clip with and without the S-Curve for CineStyle LUT - + tests using the Standard and superflat picture styles. Vimeo: Technicolor CineStyle - 60D Test including S-Curve LUT

Andrew Schär posts a test made using Cinestyle, but designed to prove whether ISO's should be used in multiples of 160.
The results as you can see in the video, are pretty much spot on with what Technicolor has said. Interestingly enough, it seems to me that ISO 640 has about as much noise as ISO 100.

It also seems that ISO multiples of 125 are specifically bad. ISO 1250 is pretty much comparable to IS0 125!
Vimeo: Testing Canon's ISO noise in Video mode on the 60D

Darryl Gregory posted his own test and notes:
...although seeing an extreme difference between the Standard and new Technicolor CineStyle I'm not sure if it is useful enough on day time outdoor shoots using a Fader ND more testing is needed,
Vimeo: Technicolor Profile for Canon HDDSLRs / Sample Test

Unique Design posts a short video of dogs playing, ungraded and ungraded: playing doggy's / Technicolor Profile

Emmanuel Junglander posts a video with "CineStyle" compared to "Standard", which is the default Picture Style and "Neutral", with Sharpness: 0, Contrast: -4, Saturation: -2 and Color Tone: 0. Though note that the CineStyle video examples are ungraded: Vimeo: TechniColor CineStyle

Problems with LUT Buddy in Final Cut
LUT Buddy, the tool for Final Cut Pro for working with Look Up Tables should have been ideal for working with CineStyle footage, but several people reported that Final Cut Pro was crashing when using it.
Samuel Hutchinson on Vimeo reports:
I had some issues with prores 4444 and 422(HQ), when I would try and render the transcoded footage with LUT buddy applied FCP would crash. So I cut this video as a H.264 in FCP, applied the LUT and it worked fine; which was fine for the test but it's not so much in the real world.
Vimeo: Technicolor CineStyle - 60D Test including S-Curve LUT [In Comments]
RedGiant: Two New FREE Tools for Color Grading & Color Decisions

Fix for LUT Buddy crash in FCP with Technicolor LUT: convert the LUT in LUT Buddy and export to a new file, then use that LUT file.
- @joeyciccoline

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