Tuesday, May 03, 2011

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Results from the Single Chip Camera Evaluation
Adam Wilt at the ProVideoCoalition talks about the Single Chip Camera Evaluation, in a series of comparison tests of several video cameras, including the Alexa, RED, Phantom Flex, Sony PMW-F3, Panasonic AG-AF100, Canon 5D Mark II and others. The tests were shown at NAB, and should be available on the net later in the year, but Adam summarizes the results, showing maximum resolution, sensitivity and latitude tables and discussing what they might mean.
All in all, it’s best to keep in mind that these charts show only three, very limited aspects of all these cameras. They don’t show the tradeoffs between highlight handling and shadow detail; the varying aliasing behaviors; how the different cameras handle saturated colors as highlights start to blow out; how their levels and textures of shadow noise differ; how they handle skintones and the wrapping of light around faces and hands.
ProVideoCoalition: NAB 2011 - SCCE Charts
See also: NotesOnVideo: The Great Camera Shoot Out 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 Tour from NAB
This 53 minute video with Juan Martinez, Senior Project Manager, Sony Electronics, and David Leitner, Director/DP and Producer, talks about the Sony NEX-FS100. Juan talks through the features of the camera, while David shows clips shot with the camera and talks about how it stands up to different material. If you've been following this new camera, there's nothing really startling here, but it's a fairly complete tour of the features and performance.
SonyA Tour of the NXCAM Super 35mm Camcorder NAB 2011

More on the Technicolor CineStyle for Canon EOS
Zach at Zach's Camera continues to turn out interesting stuff about this new Picture Style. His latest post explains how to use the LUT with editors like Sony Vegas that don't support LUT files.
Zach's CameraUsing Technicolors LUT file without a LUT plugin

Not sure how to install the Picture Style on your Canon 550DJonathan Palfrey has a blog post with video that takes you through it: Blog 20: Adding the Technicolor Profile to the 550D

Quick Links
  • 5D Mark III in the wild? reports that Canon is sending out test bodies to photographers. A little on the merging of the 1D line is included too: 5D Mark III & More
  • The 5D Mark II Team website has rebranded as the HD Cam Team website.
  • ARRI ALEXA Plus: An ARRI Tech Talk video about the ALEXA Plus with Marc Shipman-Mueller explains the differences between the Plus and the regular Alexa. YouTube: ARRI Tech Talk - ALEXA Plus
  • Speaking of the ALEXANick Shaw’s FCP plugin for converting from ARRI ALEXA LogC to Rec.709 in the Final Cut Pro timeline, as well as batch processing dailies, now has support for the new ALEXA 3.0 curves. The v2 version was free, but this version costs $30. A demo is available: Final Cut Pro LUT plugins
  • A blog from Zeiss looks back at their NAB experience: A special custom-made set of five SLR lenses was another highlight at Carl Zeiss’ booth. “These lenses are becoming more popular with filmmakers in the HD video entry segment thanks to their robust construction, optimum image quality and precise manual focus,” says Schiehlen. Looking back at the NAB Show 2011

Odds & Ends
  • Car Chases: Hot Rod Cameras provides a short history of car chases in movies. It includes an interesting picture of a car decked out for shooting the chase scene in The French Connection (in my opinion one of the most amazing chase scenes ever made.) HotRodCamera: A Short History of the Car Chase, Fast Five, and Hot Rod Cameras
  • Canon vs Nikon: an amusing little parody of the Mac vs. PC ads, but with Nikon and Canon discussing video: YouTubeCanon vs Nikon - Video
  • Edward Burns has been recently talking up his latest indie movie, which was produced at an ultra-low budget of $9,000. Eric Kohn at indieWIRE reviews the movie and isn't impressed, writing: Burns has done well to inspire other filmmakers to look beyond budget lines, but if this is the future of low-budget cinema, it still comes at a significant cost. Ouch! indieWIRETRIBECA REVIEW | What Edward Burns’ “Newlyweds” Says About the Future of Cheap Movies
  • Better video for business wbesites: The Globe and Mail provides tips on adding video to websites. Number 1 piece of advice: Don’t make commercials, make content. People are not coming to your website to be sold on your product or service. Ten ways to enhance your company's website with video
  • The Gamma & Density Journal No 4 can be viewed online and includes a History of Cinematography: e.g. The first Color film made for projection, by C. Francis Jenkins in 1894-95, was hand tintedA Short History of American Cinematography

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