Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sony PMW-F3 events and a review

If you're in Boston on January 19th, there are a couple of events scheduled on the Sony PMW-F3. Rule Boston Camera previously announced a LearningLab event for the morning of January 19th, on the Sony PMW-F3. Now they have also announced an evening event with SMPTE on the camera:

Jan 19th - Sony's PMW-F3 Super 35 Digital Camera

Learning Lab 10:00am to 12 Noon
Sony's Peter Crithary, Marketing Manager for Production, provides an overview of the highly anticipated PMW-F3 - a professional and affordable handheld digital camera with Super 35mm imager, interchangeable lens mounts, 1920 x 1080 full HD recording and proven workflow.


SMPTE Meeting in the AC Lounge at Rule 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Sony's Hugo Gaggioni, CTO, VP Technology and Peter Crithary, Marketing Manager, Production delve deep into the latest advances in CCD and CMOS sensors, new transmission and storage techniques in solid-state, S-Lo based processing workflows and the new PMW-F3 Super 35 digital camera (with F3 footage and hands-on time with the camera).


Note the different RSVP email addresses for the two events, though both events are being held at
Rule Boston Camera
395 Western Avenue

Creative Video does a sneak peak of the PMW-F3
They've posted a fairly in-depth look at the PMW-F3:
It really is all about the sensor and the F3's is a stunner which enables it to deliver sublime images with excellent sensitivity at a breakthrough price point.

Because that price point is three times the price of a Panasonic AF101 and about six times the price of a Canon EOS 5D Mark II the F3 simply can't be considered a DSLR or AF101 competitor. As you'd expect for the money it surpasses both when it comes to video performance - If you can afford an F3 you simply must have one, it's that good.
They also have a video with Phil Myers, a Product Manager from Sony UK:

Creative Video: Sony PMW-F3 Review: First and lasting impressions

Finally, B & H is now accepting pre-orders for the PMW-F3 [$13,300.00]

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