Saturday, January 08, 2011

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RED Scarlet Updates
Seems they were showing the RED Scarlet at CES to some people; though why show this obviously pro camera at the CES? and didn't they already rename it the Epic-S and say it was going to be a lot more expensive?
Well, you can see the prototype (though no video from the camera.)
NotesOnVideo: Is Revolution Everything?; The End of the RED Scarlet Dream
Engadget: Working RED Scarlet appears at our trailer, we go hands-on! (video)
CrunchGear: Video: Hands-On With The RED Scarlet
[UPDATE] TheGuardian on YouTube: CES 2011: Red Scarlet Super HD camera

JVC Shows High-Frame-Rate Camera
JVC also showed at CES the GC-PX1 prototype camera that shoots Full HD at 60p, and 300fps in VGA. It's interesting, though note that it's VGA resolution above 60p.
PhotographyBay: JVC GC-PX1 High Speed Concept Camera

Snakes Don't Take Direction
An interview with the Coen Brother's about the making of the movie True Grit and the reaction to the movie:
“You might be surprised,” Joel said, “but if you went back and looked at the initial response to a lot of our movies, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve read, ‘This is different type of Coen brothers movie,’ or ‘This is a Coen brothers movie for people who don’t like the Coen brothers.’ That response becomes weirdly the norm. We don’t really think about it that way. It’s just another story we’re telling.”
NewYorkTimes: Talking With the Coen ‘Boys’

3D TV Technology News
A piece in Bloomberg paints a mixed picture of the state of the 3D TV market:
The companies are ditching the stereoscopic 3-D standard used in first-generation sets sold starting in 2010. Those require active-shutter, or battery-powered, glasses to combine images into the 3-D effect. Customers complained about the $100 to $150 price and weight of such glasses, said Matthew McRae, chief technology officer of Irvine, California-based Vizio.
“We heard they were uncomfortable, they were heavy, they had to be recharged,” McRae said. “As a mass consumer product, it clearly was not the right technology.”
Masaru Kato, Sony Corp.’s chief financial officer, said in October that sales of 3-D sets, projected to account for 10 percent of the Tokyo-based company’s 25 million annual TV sales target, were trailing previous expectations.
Bloomberg: TV Makers Parting Ways on 3-D Formats May Hurt Sales by Confusing Shoppers

Vimeo Video School
Check the Vimeo Video School for a tutorial on 3-point lighting (the standard basic lighting form for a single subject.)
There's also an interesting recent piece on preparing your gear for a shoot.
Vimeo: 3-Point Lighting, Preparing your gear for a shoot

3-Point Lighting Explained! from Bill Simmon on Vimeo.

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