Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sony Announces it's Own Consumer 3D HD camera

Sony's upcoming HDR-TD10 supports 2D and 3D shooting, sort of like Pansonic's consumer HDC-SDT750, except that the lenses in the HDR-TD10 don't seem to detach. The flip-out screen evidently displays in 3D too!

In the video below they talk about it being the first consumer true full HD camera (because the Panasonic is storing the two frames at half resolution, rather than encoding both as full frames?...)

Not sure how potential buyers will take to the "just go out and shoot, you can't really edit it right now."

It's supposed to be available in April for about $1,500.

I know, I've been generally anti-3D, but this could almost provoke me into buying the camera and a TV...Shock! Horror!

CNET: CES: Sony launches prosumer 3D cancorder

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