Saturday, September 11, 2010

More on the Panasonic AG-AF101

Panasonic Europe posted a short interview with Barry Green about the new camera. In case you didn't read his write-up about it on dvxuser, he loves it! (you can read his write-up about it at dvxuser here: hands on the Panasonic AF100. [I don't know what lighting/camera they were using to do the interview, but it's some pretty awful video; his forehead is badly blown-out!]

Pricing: The 4/3 Rumors site says 5,830 Euro ($7,390) including VAT: UPDATED: Panasonic AG-AF101 with 1080 60/50p and for 5.830 Euro (VAT included)! [See UPDATE Below] updated their post about the camera, with these comments about some video they saw shot with it:
Someone from Panasonic in Germany shot a performance/theatre piece, with lots of nice shallow depth of field, and not a lot to trouble the codec. But, the pictures looked very filmic, there was no video harshness, the colours appeared to be very accurate. It was restrained, not flat, but not in your face.

Product Highlights, pictures, and a few specs: Panasonic @ IBC AG-AF101
PDF Two-page brochure: SP-AF100PRE3.PDF

Press Reelease: Panasonic introduces AF101 camcorder to European market at IBC Unfortunately, no official release date or price is listed!
Film and Video Producer, Barry Green commented: "The AF101 promises a huge step forward for cinematographers who want a cost effective camera that delivers the look and feel of 35mm film, but without all the compromises and headaches that come from shooting on DSLRs. It lets filmmakers and video professionals seamlessly achieve the cinematic look they've long sought after, without having to resort to using light-hungry add-on lens adapters, or trying to work around the shortcomings of using a stills camera for a video application.”

Panasonic IBC Blog: Barry Green

European Technical Product Manager at Panasonic Europe, Luc Bara, gives insights on the Panasonic AF101 camera, global premiere from Panasonic at IBC 2010.

HD Magazine says the camera uses a new sensor (not the one from the GH1) the camera is available for pre-order, and it's 4990 Euro ($6,325 US): IBC 2010 Shorts - Day Two

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