Friday, September 10, 2010

More News

Barry Green at dvxuser got his hands on the Panasonic AF100:

I am sooo not disappointed. They have built pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. There are things I'd like to see added before it's released, obviously, and no we didn't get some of the wild things we were hoping for (like a new 50-megabit 4:2:2 AVC codec) but what we did get is pretty much exactly what we needed – better-than-DSLR imagery in a professional, proper video body, with all the conveniences and features that pro video shooters are used to.

Sony 35mm Digital Motion Picture Camera
Meanwhile, there will be an unveiling of Sony's next generation 35mm Digital Motion Picture Camera at the New York HD Expo on September 21st at 7pm. R.S.V.P. as seats are limited.

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