Wednesday, September 08, 2010

B & H release HDSLR Guide

NOTE: In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a B & H affiliate

B & H has released an HDSLR Guide. Click the big START button below and ignore the exploded diagram of the HDSLR rig (that just takes you to a search for different gear on their website.)

Click on the "Free in-depth Interactive Guide - READ NOW" button.

This pops up a separate window with the Guide. The guide itself is divided into sections (just like a book!) with chapters on The Camera, Lenses, Filters, Matte Boxes, Focus Control, Monitoring, Camera Supports, Remote Operation, Recording Media, Audio, Post Production, Technique, and Video Basics.

Although I've only skimmed through it, there seems to be a lot of content there (the lens section even covers "Focus Breathing" so it goes into quite some detail.) It may, of course, be too much detail for the newbie, and just end up confusing them (sometimes when starting out it's easier to just be told "do this and this" rather than being given every pro and con of every option) but I gotta give B & H points for trying.

Screen from the HDSLR Interactive Guide

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