Saturday, July 24, 2010

News from Here & There

Vimeo offers unlimited HD embedding
Viemo this week offered some new features: New Default Preferences, Unlimited HD Embedding for Vimeo Plus Members and Access to Creative Commons (CC) Licensing. Default Preferences, Unlimited HD Come to Vimeo

Vimeo & YouTube video for iPad's and iPhone
Want to embed video in your blog that iPad/iPhone users can view? People have been posting code that let's you do that. Here's info about Vimeo:
EOS HD: iPad and iPhone Compatible Vimeo Embeds
And here's info about YouTube:
CNET: YouTube testing hybrid HTML5/Flash embeds

Sony has created a special web section on their site called VideON for promoting programs shot using Sony professional gear.
The Sony VideON Online Network is a website dedicated to educating and entertaining the professional production community about Sony products through the dynamic use of video.

The VideoON website will feature product tutorials, behind-the-scenes, trailers, and customer testimonials. This site will also do more than just promote Sony products. It will highlight the successful results that our customers are obtaining with our HD video technology, allowing you to showcase your work, see the creative work of others, and become part of the Sony Pro Video community.

If you've created and acquired content using Sony professional HD products and would like your video to be considered for posting on the VideON website, please follow the process outlined below.
Sony: VideON

Zacuto iPhone Cinema Kit
Some people are determined to use the iPhone for video, and if you've got nothing else, it's not a bad choice. But I'm not sure it makes sense to be buying gear that costs more than the iPhone itself specifically to use the iPhone for video making. Spend the money on a proper camera?
Vimeo: Zacuto's Z-Grip iPhone Cinema Kit

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