Thursday, July 22, 2010

Colorista II

Red Giant Software has released Colorista II, a standalone color grading tool. If you find tools like Apple's Color too challenging, you might like Colorista II.

Colorista II's primary feature is a 3-Way color corrector that looks sort of like the 3-Way Color Corrector in Final Cut Pro, but with many added features.

This release adds three separate color correction stages; primary, secondary and master. Each one is virtually a copy of the original Colorista; Primary has the 3-Way and two HSL controls, Seocndary has the 3-Way and a power mask control and a Keyer, and Master has the 3-Way, HSL and Curves.

They have also added features to the color adjust wheels, as well as numerical controls for adjusting RGB values. The White Balance tool is now an Auto Balance tool; you can sample something that’s white or gray and it not only changes the hilite color to balance out the shot, but also makes an adjustment to the black level as well.

A good overview of the program can be found in the first online tutorial they have posted: Tutorial

George Schnyder is a beta-tester for Red Giant, and has written a piece about Colorista II: Colorgradingterrorist - Part 03 of 03 - color grading, rebel style

Red Giant Software: Colorista II

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