Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Upcoming Rule events in Boston

Unless otherwise noted, these events are held from 10am to 12 noon at Rule's Boston office. For more information, check Rule Events page (which is not yet updated!)

Jun 2: Multi-camera Live Productions
Covering communication devices, recorders, sources and switchers for live multi-camera set-ups in the studio and in the field.

Jun 9: Monitor Solutions for Field Shoots
Field monitors (both on-camera and on-set) to address composition and critical focus issues as well as solutions for wired and wireless client viewing stations.

Jun 16: HD-SLR Cameras as the New Production Weapon
Highlight tools, accessories and specific applications for the Canon line-up. Also, engineering staff will be present to perform free firmware upgrades.

Jun 22 5pm to 9pm Boston Tech Expo

Jun 24 10am to 3pm New Hampshire Tech Expo

Jun 30 Phantom HD Gold - Unleashed!
The Phantom HD Gold camera is capable of shooting up to 1000 frames-per-second, with shutter speeds as fast as 2 microseconds.

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