Thursday, June 03, 2010

Canon Cameras Coming? reported a couple of days ago that a "hybrid" camera might be coming in September, though they had no details of what that might be.

Today they're speculating it might be a 5D Mark II replacement, as there is a $500 rebate on the camera in Canada right now. Unfortunately, US buyers only get $100 off... [B & H $2,399]

I think it's a bit of a leap that the 5D Mark II replacement would be billed as a hybrid camera; a true hybrid camera would require some body and functional changes that would - probably - move it away from the SLR design of the 5D. And the last rumor was that the Mark III wouldn't be out until next year at the earliest....but then we're dealing in rumors here.

They are also reporting that a 60D is on the near horizon, though on May 31st there was a report that there would be no 60D...

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