Friday, May 09, 2014

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Creating Moonshine Kingdom: An Interview with Milton Horowitz and Ryan Forte | Filmmaker Magazine
Mooshine Kingdom director Milton Horowitz says that, like a lot of Americans, he grew up watching too much television. This eventually led to film school at Cleveland State University, where he met cinematographer Ryan Forte. “Ryan’s younger than me,” says Horowitz. “He’s 21, I’m 32, and even though we’re 11 years apart we still love the same types of films and the same movie techniques.”

4 years of film school in 12 hours: Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion Tour (and a chance to win a free ticket). | Story & Heart Blog
Throughout the workshop, Vincent stresses the importance of communication. It’s a benefit to both the people in your crew as well as to the talent and those who support the shoot from a distance—via budget, schedule, post-production, etc.—that a director or filmmaker’s vision is precise and accessible.

The Quiet Season – A First Timer’s Filmmaking Experience with Magic Lantern RAW | Planet5D
I’ll start out by saying my experience using Magic Lantern on the Canon 5D Mark II was fast, moderately simple (with a complex workflow), and delivered more for my budget than anything else in existence right now. You can read about my workflow near the end of the article.

Stanley Kubrick’s VFX Master Would Like to Introduce You to the Technology that Will Revolutionize Cinema | IndieWire
"UFOTOG" a 10-minute short, might be described as state-of-the-art-to-be: Shot in 3D, at 4K, and at 120 frames per second – or about five times the frame rate of the conventional 35mm motion picture – it also portends a revolution in the economics of filmmaking: Trumbull's process involves a skeleton crew, green screen, a "zero-G" camera crane that move with the touch of a finger and virtual backgrounds that are imposed in real time.

Upcoming Events

May 13 | New Orleans | DCS Event: Sony 4K End-to-End Demo in New Orleans May 13th | Digital Cinema Society
The Digital Cinema Society comes to New Orleans for our first ever area event on May 13th to Shoot, Color Correct and Project Sony 4K at VER Digital Cinema

May 22 | Boston | Adobe Video Pro Apps Post NAB with Dave Helmly, Kanen Flowers | BOSCPUG
DAVE HELMLY of Adobe“Revealing the Next Wave of Innovation in Video Pro Apps”KANEN FLOWERS of“From Script to Screen on 18:20 and HERO PUNK”


29 Miles: GH4 4K 25p in car test shots from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.
A few test shots of my just received GH4 in 4K 25p in Cinelike D with sharpness at -5 and contrast at -5 with soft contrast in additional settings. Recorded internally.

BMPCC Heli test from David Aldrich on Vimeo.

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