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The Video Journalist Blackmagic Camera Rig and Workflow Guide (Part One): Getting your Rig Together on a Tight Budget | wolf crow
But then the Blackmagic Cinema Camera appeared on the market, and I knew this could be the camera I was dreaming for a long time. The only problem was, it didn’t really fit into my way of shooting. I do mostly hand camera under a lot of time pressure. Things are always live and happening, no one waits for me. So I had to find a way to mobilize the BMCC and make it VJ-able for a small price.

Hands-on with Sony's 2014 4K televisions | C|Net
Compared against the Samsung HU9000 specifically, the X950B had better blacks and shadow detail, according to the demonstration. The X950B held up remarkably well against the ZT60 as it was able to get better white highlights than the now-discontinued plasma.

Andy from Shriro explains that the iON Air Pro differentiates itself by being designed to work in tough conditions without a housing. The camera can go to 30ft under water and has an IPX8 rating. The form factor is bullet-like and can be headword in an over-the-ear position. The camera is capable of 1080P HD at 30 fps, but sadly there is no 24 or 25P which may limit its appeal for some. There is an option for wi-fi control and preview on a smartphone or tablet.

Sony F3 Resurrected – LUTs | Hingsberg's cinema blog
There are many who feel that working with slog is no big deal and that only a slight adjustment curve is needed in post to bring things back to normal. This is partially true, and in fact the way I had been working with slog back when I owned the F3 grading using curves straight off a Premiere timeline. But for a long time many of us have been looking for a proper way of unraveling slog to remove any limitations in the grading process and to get the image to a more “better” starting point for grading not to mention getting rid of that “Sony look”.

LUMBERJACK SYSTEM – For Paperless On-Set Media Logging Now Available | PR Web
Lumberjack System is a low-cost muscular, real-time media logging and pre-edit tool for Final Cut Pro X that works from any web-enabled device including iPads and syncs in the Cloud for such productions as reality and documentary, sports, worship, education, medical, legal and conferences/events.
Lumberjack System is Live | Philip Hodgetts
In developing and using Lumberjack System, we realized that we could do even more than translate the information from the shoot directly to Keyword Ranges in Final Cut Pro X: we could create keyword-based string-outs of those keyword ranges (a.k.a. selects). Not having to start with an empty Timeline gets me to creativity so much faster.

Tips to Make Your Text Look GREAT! | Larry Jordan
It was from Matthew all those years ago that I developed my love of using the right font for the task, which has carried over into my video work. By the way, Norbert Florendo has a great definition of the difference between “font” and “typeface:” A “font is what you use, and typeface is what you see.”

Ti West On Why Piracy Hurts Indie Film (and It's Not All About The Money) | IndieWire
The independent film world is a fragile ecosystem. It allows for unique experiences and challenging stories to be told by bold filmmakers in adventurous and often unproven ways. Studio films do not take the same risks. But this adventurousness, this ability to surprise us, is why we love indie movies. By supporting this ecosystem, we are supporting the possibility of original, rewarding experiences that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

A great explanation of film terms for those new to the industry:
What does that term mean? | imgur
Collaboration = No pay
Assistant = No pay
Seeking Film Student = No pay

Stunning ‘Awakening’ 4K Time-Lapse Will Awaken Your Desire to Visit New Zealand | Peta Pixel
Shot over the course of 4 months in New Zealand, Awakening is only part one of four, and if the first part is any indication, then we’re in for some truly spectacular visuals.

The 10 Types of People Who Work On Films | RainDance
1)   Urban Bear GryllsThe techie with a North face jacket, head torch, harness with various carabiners and straps, cargo shorts, unkempt beard and scraggly hair. Can produce any tool from many hidden orifices, thinks in Volts and Amps and is faster moving vertically than he is horizontally. Looks like he sleeps in the field behind the studio.

An Evening with the Arri AMIRA – New York | Abel Cine
At this event, AbelCine and Arri experts will be on hand to present both the technical aspects and the design philosophy that went into creating the AMIRA. Real-world usage will be discussed and footage will be screened. Additionally, attendees will get ample time to ask questions and go hands-on with the camera.
And if you're in Boston today, Rule Boston Camera has an AMIRA event today from 10am to noon.

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