Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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Jay Leno was the commencement speaker at Emerson College this year, and he offered some surprisingly good tips for those interested in going into show business. It starts at 9:25
Comedy lights up 134th Commencement | Emerson College
The Andover, Massachusetts, native then gave graduates his “20 rules of show business in no particular order.” Those rules included: Never go on stage mad because “anger robs creativity”; when you get too comfortable, move on, saying, “you should always try to find the toughest audience”; and to not have a relationship with a partner who “doesn’t get it,” saying, “you need a soulmate, not a cellmate.”

Product Review: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera | Photo District News
In my testing, I found the ProRes movie files to be almost on par with the RAW footage I shot, but they took less work in DaVinci Resolve. Let’s face it though: If you buy this camera, you’ll probably want to shoot the 12-bit RAW video and while it takes some time to process these huge files to get the right color, it’s worth it.

Memories from the making of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
"Why are we paying this guy so much money?" Ivor Powell shares his memories of '2001' and beyond | 2001Italia
I can confirm that the story is true: I worked on 2001 for nearly three years and although uncredited, apart from Ray Lovejoy (deceased Editor of the movie) I was one of the longest crew employees on the movie. I started off working as a publicity assistant, assigned to working within the Art Department - helping obtain tie-ins with all kinds of companies and then ended up working directly for SK as a kind of junior special effects production co-ordinator.

10 Tips and Tricks on Directing Motion from Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photographer and Director Vincent Laforet | IndieWire
4. Pay particular attention to the action in front of your camera and how you block your actors and if you have them, your extras.  If not, use your crew (if they are into it) to wipe the frame and create background action; it renders a much richer frame.

10 tips for editing video | TED Blog
The TED Talk editing toolkit is small when compared to ones used to cut a narrative feature or documentary. And that’s why it’s a good place to start as an introduction to the art of editing. We use continuity editing to maintain a consistent feeling of space and time over the duration of the talk. But overall, we strive to keep our edits invisible.

Clips on using Final Cut Pro X. Perhaps the most interesting is the one on DaVinci Resolve Round tripping 4K footage:
Understanding How FCPX Works – Workflow Round Up | Jonny Elwyn
When it comes to FCPX, seemingly more than anyone else on the internet, Sam Mestman is the most passionate advocate for professional creative workflows involving the power of FCPX at their core. He’s written about why he’s starting his new company FCPXWORKS over on

You can watch the 10 tips for on-set safety for free:
Ten tips for set safety |
Host Anthony Q. Artis covers shooting techniques for particular video challenges like portraits, tools to help you control light and judge exposure, and advice for the traveling videographer, such as putting together a great lens kit or packing a truck.

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