Thursday, April 10, 2014

The News

Digital Bolex Announces PL Mount for D16 Goes on Sale Next Month for $995 | No Film School
Up until now, the default lens mount for Digital Bolex’s D16 digital camera came with a  C mount. The aim was to really capture the design of the original Bolex 16mm film cameras, allowing filmmakers to use vintage 16mm and Super 16mm lenses, but the PL mount will take the D16 up a notch. The DB team has been working on a PL mount option for quite a while, and in their blog post, they explain where the decision to include a PL mount came from.

Exclusive: here is the first app to resample Panasonic GH4 4K 8bit to 10bit 4:4:4 | EOSHD
As this panel aptly put it at NAB this week, 4K delivery is very rare at the moment so most filmmakers are shooting 4K acquisition to get the benefits in post for 2K delivery. For a while now I’ve been suggesting on EOSHD that 8bit 4K can build a 10bit 2K image due to oversampling, a theory which was backed up by David Newman at GoPro / CineForm in this EOSHD interview.

DxO tests the A6000 and calls it “Little wonder”. Ships tomorrow in USA! | SonyAlphaRumors
DxOmark (Click here) just published the A6000 sensor test results. As you know the A6000 has phase detection pixel across the full sensor but despite that it manages to match the best APS-C sensor on market to date. So you have both, top image quality and top autofocus performance on a small mirrorless camera. can’t get any better than this! Oh yes it can….the camera will ship tomorrow in USA

Review of the updated for the Sony FS700 Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q …is it any good? | Philip Bloom
There is one more killer feature from the 7Q, and this for me is the biggy. Remember the 7Q outputs 8 bit in HD for ProRes HQ on the Odyssey or any other device like the Atomos Samurai. A real shame it’s not 10 bit. Now if you set the FS700 to output raw which is 12 bit out of the SDI, and the 7Q to the Raw to ProRes HQ, the image is simply incredible.

Metabones Gets Some Competition from Cheaper Canon EF to Sony NEX Smart Lens Adapter | No Film School
This definitely looks like a worthy alternative to the Metabones adapter, and it’s also cheaper. Though it doesn’t have autofocus capabilities, if you’re shooting video, that’s going to be a secondary feature anyway. Image Stabilization is extremely helpful, especially if you’ve got longer lenses and you’re doing handheld work.

Small and Handy Grip Gear from Manfrotto and Matthews | Filmmaker Magazine
Manfrotto released the new Nanopole Stand, a lightweight stand with a twist. The center column pops out of the legs, giving you a boom pole to quickly hold a small light or accessory overhead. Works great with their new Smart Tilt Head, a flexible cold shoe mount adapter.

FCP X: Import Caution | Larry Jordan
When importing files from the Finder, or other applications that don’t use the Media Import window, your Import Preference settings determine how that file will be handled.

First Look: Sanken CSR-2 Shotgun Microphone | B & H Photo
Sanken's new CSR-2 shotgun microphone, introduced at NAB 2014, features a switch for rear rejection to enable expanded reach for the shotgun. The CSR-2 has two unique rectangular capsules, one to pick up audio in front and the other to reject audio in the rear. Listen to our real-world demo of this mic on the show floor, and see a roundup of Sanken's other mics.

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