Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Review | Videomaker
You do need to avoid low light scenes and will probably end up using an external audio recorder, but other quirks are easy to work around. If you are a producer that needs to upgrade to 4K and are tight on cash, for less than $3,000, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K produces images that simply can't be beat.

 F35 vs. Blackmagic 4K | DV User
See the images below, I can happily say the F35 more than holds its own, I actually prefer it.The F35 seemed to render and capture the colors I observed more accurately. The combination of the F35/Zeiss yielded that right shade of orange 'out of the box'.The Blackmagic felt a little duller in terms of color (some of this is was due to 4:2:2 ProRes). While the Blackmagic could be color corrected to match more closely, on F35 the information was just there, it didn't need to be invented or tweaked.

Hollywood, Meet Oculus Rift: Studios Quietly Toying With New Virtual Reality Camera | Mashable
Palo Alto-based startup Jaunt has been quietly building just such a platform, which it hopes it can deliver to virtual reality headsets not just immersive cinematic-style narrative content, but live events as well. With a new $6.8 million capital raise, a full working demo and meetings scheduled all over Los Angeles, the company — which has been toiling for months in "stealth" mode — has de-cloaked and is ready to mingle.

Opinion: Cameras and post production can work now at unimaginably high quality. But do we need it? And do we want it? | Red Shark News
I’m happy as anything to see more capability in cameras, but we should be careful to consider whether the purpose of that is to show more to the audience, or to make a better job of the output formats we currently serve. The experience of filmmakers like the late, great Tony Scott, with his use of deliberately-mistreated (cross-processed, pushed, etc) film shows that we may not even have to make a choice, simply because a 6K, 16-stop, wide-gamut imaging pipeline remains capable of transmitting a 2K, 10-stop monochrome image.

Cinematographers discuss their lighting techniques and go-to instruments | HD Video Pro
Ask cinematographers about their favorite "go-to" lighting tools and, as might be expected, you get a pretty diverse range of opinions and answers. What's more surprising is that while technical advances and the digital revolution have had a huge impact on the lighting world, spawning the increasingly popular ultra-versatile and ultra-portable LEDS, many DPs will still often rely on basics when it comes down to the aesthetics of capturing an image.

New Get Started Fast w/ Media Composer | Software FAQ | Community|Avid
Q:  Why is Avid offering a Media Composer subscription license?A: Many of our customers have asked for this option and we delivered.  That’s why you now have a choice—gain access to the latest Media Composer toolset as needed on a low-cost monthly or annual basis, significantly lowering entry to the industry’s most trusted editing tool, or purchase and own it outright, as before.  World class Avid support and software upgrades are now included in all plans. However, perpetual licenses must be renewed after the first year to continue receiving support and upgrades. New support options means help is there when you need it. See the Media Composer License Comparison Guide for more information about these new Media Composer licensing and support options.

GoPro Cages Hit a New Low of Just $22 Delivered | Cinescopophilia
Well what can we say other than you can now get a GoPro cage for the measly sum of $22. Delivered!

As the end of this school year approaches, many of my J-School students are worried about getting jobs. They are laying out beautiful resumes and putting together WordPress portfolios with slick Snow Fall-esque themes. Over the years, I’ve been in the fortunate position of hiring crews to work with me on various projects. The resumes and sites my students are obsessing over are gorgeous, but I can’t remember an instance when either of these things compelled me to give someone a job.  

1. Get a day jobIf your focus is features it will most likely take much longer than you think to get one off the ground. And once you do, the fee on your first time out scales between shockingly low to devastatingly free. Find a job where you can earn a living and meet people while moving your projects forward.

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