Monday, April 28, 2014

GH4 news and other things

Looks like the GH4 is going to be a hit, that's good news for Panasonic.
Panasonic GH4 demands outpaces supply, production ramping up | Imaging Resource
Panasonic Japan posted a message noting that orders for the GH4 have exceeded their internal expectations, and apologized to buyers who will have to wait for their cameras to arrive. They're beginning to ramp up production in order to fulfill the demand for the camera.

Great first impressions of the GH4 from a user not familiar with Panasonic's Lumix camera line. Interesting that the author also doesn't see the point in buying the external Input/output box:
Recording media: I thought I had to buy a special card for it to record it 200 Mb per second, but it turns most of my current cards seem to work fine. If it continues to work with them, then Class 10 will be all I need to shoot 4K internally and also at the highest bit rate for 1080P HD.

Panasonic GH4 Slow Motion Tests via GearAddix 96fps 1080p | CheesyCam
The ability to shoot 4K has made the GH4 camera very popular, but also overshadows many of the other great reasons to buy a GH4. One of the stand out features is it’s ability to shoot 96fps at full 1080p. The GearAddix Team immediately finds ways to abuse test this new feature.

Other News

Under the Skin using One-Cam | HD Warrior
You might wonder what cameras the production used to accomplish that — tiny GoPro cameras, perhaps? Or surveillance cams from one of the big manufacturers like Sony or Panasonic? Well, the footage had to intercut seamlessly with the production’s main ARRI Alexa cameras, which were shooting ARRIRAW, so quality was paramount. It turns out Under the Skin used the One-cam, a new modular system developed by London studio One Of Us specifically for Glazer’s use on the film.

A Top Composer Shares Tips for Making the Most of Your Score | Film Independent
“If the director is completely sure what kind of music they want for the film maybe that’s not necessarily an advantage, in terms of talking to composers. In my experience directors tend to have already figured it out. And maybe they figured it out too early.”

Best NAB … or nah? – My favorite products!  | Freytag Film
This year's convention of the National Association of Broadcasters was quite different for me. After visiting Vegas two years in a row I felt like this year's event was a very quiet and unspectacular one. Maybe because I wasn't on the show floor myself. Maybe I wasn't caught in the new-gadget-hype-bubble. Maybe there were actually less innovations than last year.

Part 2 of 3: Case studies in aerial multi-rotor filming plus the safety and the law! | Philip Bloom
So for part two of the 3-part blog post series on shooting with Phantom type quadcopters and bigger. At the top of the post are 3 little edits of some fun that I have had learning to fly and shoot with these. It’s incredibly addictive, actually quite expensive if you suffer losses (which almost everyone I know has) and it also can be quite dangerous.

Sensor Color Balance: What It Really Is | DV Info
Years ago I shot a test with a Sony F35 and proved that silicon sensors are much more “balanced” under daylight than they are under tungsten light. I shot a test chart under both kinds of light and saw that under tungsten light, which contains lots of red and not much blue, the red channel was very clean and blue was very noisy, while under daylight the opposite was true: red was a little noisy and blue was very clean.

Sneak Peak of the Directing Motion Tour | Vincent Laforet
Here’s a sneak peak into some of the content I’ve been working on for the Directing Motion Tour that starts in just over a week and goes to 32 cities over the next 10 weeks.  These are but 6 examples our of nearly 200 that I’ll share with you during the daylong workshop that also combines live shoots where you can put this theory into practice.

In a recent email, NVIDIA explains how new Mac Pro users can use NVIDIA cards - switch to Windows
Q: How can I put NVIDIA GPUs in the new Mac Pro? | NVIDIA
A: Unfortunately, that’s not possible. But there are some good alternatives. The first option is to simply add an NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000 for Mac to the older PCIe–based Mac Pro. For Adobe Premiere® Pro users, our tests have found this will outperform most models of the new Mac Pro. Another option is to connect a Mac (any Mac, not just the Mac Pro) client to a server with NVIDIA GRID™ technology. This would deliver a GPU–accelerated Windows–based virtual machine with the Windows version of the software you want to run to your Mac. For users who are open to switching completely to a Windows-based system, we’d recommend Dell Precision or HP Z workstations with Quadro graphics, which could yield the highest performance of all options.

Lens Rebates | B & H Photovideo
There's a sale going on for Canon lenses - you can get a mail-in rebate of up to $300 on certain Canon lenses. There's also some savings on Sony E-mount lenses, including $100 off the Sony 10-18mm f/4 OSS Alpha E-mount Wide-Angle Zoom Lens.

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