Monday, March 17, 2014

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CalDigit T3 Thunderbolt. Versatile And Fast In A Sleek Package | Erik Naso
This very handsome solid enclosure comes with three drives in four different capacities starting at $450 for the 3TB model with standard HHD. 6TB, 9TB and 12TB configurations retail for $749.99, $899.99, and $1199.99. Several options are also available with SSD drives.

The C100 is a great camera. A lot of people have rubbished it, mainly due to the price and lack of a few features such a more powerful codec, faster frame rates for slow motion, the absence of a SDI output, the tiny viewfinder and ridiculously placed EVF, but you know what? this camera just works and works well. It’s reliable, the image is wonderful and the low light, now at 80,000 ISO is brilliant.

ONE DAY IN BOSTON 24-Hour Filming Event to Focus on Boston on April 26 | BOSCPUG
The world’s largest media collaboration, ONE DAY ON EARTH, is launching a new project to document the topic of ‘cities’ this April 26th. One-day filming events will take place in 11 major US metro areas, including Boston.

Sound and Vision | Ron Sussman
Sound, particularly music, is such an integral part of the visual experience. I am not just talking about movies, but since this blog comes from an editor’s perspective, it’s hard to not mention certain musical themes and the instant visual association they make. Personally, I cannot hear the Blue Danube Waltz and not instantly picture scenes from “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

I Think Film Production Can Quickly Become Endless Checklists and That’s a Mistake | Light Film School
I don’t like storyboarding too much. Sometimes it takes the energy and the life out of things, everything becomes so constructed and predictable sometimes. I like to stay fresh and have an open approach at all stages. I like to set up the boarders with a rather strict concept, script or likewise, but give myself the ability and the freedom to play within those limitations and without forcing “pre-taken” decisions on a shoot.

Improvising Screenplays: Writing Great Movie Loglines Using the Improv Concept of ‘Game’ | Script Magazine
In my last column, I introduced the concept of “game,” used by improvisational actors to provide structure to a scene. Game enables improvisers to hone in on a scene’s central comedic concept, heighten it, and explore its consequences to greatest effect. Demonstrating how the same technique can be used when writing for film, I hopefully inspired you to start looking for game in comedic, and even dramatic, movie scenes.

Real life lens comparison! Leica VS Yashica VS Canon VS DogShidtOptiks on FS700 Slog2 | Mattia Santino Merli | Vimeo
This is NOT a scientific test. My goal was to compare different lens in the same situation. Same lut applied to all, NO sharpness added in post.
Lens tested: Leica Summicron M 35mm F2.0, Yashica 50mm F1.4, Canon 24-105 F4 @50mm, DogShidtOptiks Flare Factory 58 F2.0-22
Shot on FS700 with Slog2.

Deep South – Art Film Made with the Canon C100, 5D III, and GoPro Hero3 | Planet5D
The film was shot on the Canon EOS C100 Camera, the Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern and with the CineLook custom picture style, and the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition action camera and a DJI Phantom Quad-Copter with 2-axis brushless gimbal.

Pretty amazing footage shot on a DJI Phantom!

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