Friday, March 21, 2014

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Reimagining an ID: Sound & Vision | Filmmaker
In 1972, WGBH created a station ID with a logo sting by Gershon Kingsley. That sound has become closely associated with WGBH, and they’ve made several updated IDs using that original Moog synthesizer sound through the years.

Five Things Not To Do When Shooting a No-Budget Film By Yourself (And Why I Did Them Anyway) | Filmmaker
D.P. Sean Porter’s credits include Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, Eden and, opening on Friday at the IFC Center, Eliza Hittman’s It Felt Like Love. Here he contributes a guest blog post on the latter film, listing the five rules he made for himself that he wound up breaking when shooting this highly recommended micro-budget picture.

Hands-On Review: the Canon VIXIA Mini X Full HD Camcorder | B & H Photovideo
Join Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, as she discusses the Canon VIXIA Mini X Full HD Camcorder, and why it may be the video blogging tool for you. This video explores the specifications of the camcorder, including the 12.8MP sensor, which captures Full HD, and the f/2.8 lens with ultra-wide-angle and close-up recording options, as well as the unique design of the camera, which features an articulating screen and kickstand for hands-free operation. 

Create Lower-Contrast Footage with Cooke Optics miniS4/i Uncoated Lens Elements | B & H Photovideo
While color grading gives you the flexibility to adjust images in post, there are intrinsic qualities inherent in the construction of the lens itself that can't be fully replicated. And with on-set grading becoming more commonplace, the ability of a DP to create a "look" on set with just lens selection can endear them to the director and lead to future work. Cooke Optics, one of the major players in the cinema-lens world, lets DPs do just that by offering uncoated front/rear elements for their miniS4/i series of lenses.

Zacuto Launches Innovative Canon & Zeiss Cinema Lens Supports | CanonRumors
Lens supports are an essential but often time consuming and fiddly tool in a filmmakers arsenal. The Zacuto product design team recognized this challenge and has created two new innovative, quick release lens supports that fit seamlessly into any cinematographers workflow. The Zacuto Zeiss Lens Support and Canon Lens Support are fast, easy, unobtrusive and best of all, require no additional work when changing lenses.

Canon’s Plans For NAB 2014 Next Month [CR1] | CanonRumors
We’re told from a new source what Canon plans to do for NAB 2014 next month. We’re told that two new cameras are planned for the announcement, at least one being in the Cinema EOS line. It’ll have CFast 2.0 and be PL mount. 

Panasonic talks the rise of 4K, says it will not follow the failings of 3D | Trusted Reviews
Although insisting there is still a place for 3D content in the home entertainment space, Cunningham has suggested that the industry has learnt from the lack of early content which hampered the technology’s adoption.

How they made the biggest stunts in Need for Speed | FXGuide
“Once we did all that,” continues Hurlbut, “we took all these tests and edited them altogether and all the cameras were labeled just one through nine. We sat in the theater at Technicolor on a forty foot screen and we chose camera no. 6. And that happened to be the Canon C500 and that became our A camera. What Scottie really loved about this camera was how beautiful the skin tones were, how real it made everyone look and everything feel. The ARRI Alexa was our B camera, the 1D C was our C cam and the GoPro HERO3 was the D camera.”

“A Bit Of A Chat” with Ken Plume | Fred Entertainment
In this episode, I have a chat with filmmaker Terry Gilliam about Zero Theorem, Monty Python, quotes, bios, parapets, and chasing Quixote.

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