Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Amazon Launches Free Storyboarder Tool | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Amazon continues its adventures in moviemaking. Amazon Studios, which began as an effort in crowdsourced content is moving towards content produced by professionals, but they still seem to be interested in moviemaking by the masses. They’ve already released a free storyboarding tool, and now they have Amazon Storyboarder, a tool for outlining stories using a corkboard metaphor.Corkboard interface

Why I am going with 4K and why you should too | EOSHD
Finally line skipping, moire and aliasing is going to die out. No more horrible electronic jaggedness and weirdness. 4K will not eliminate it altogether (the Blackmagic Production Camera does have some aliasing) but it will vastly reduce it and it will make 1080p look much cleaner. Rough edges and flaws at the 1:1 pixel level have a tendency to soften out when you’re producing 1080p oversampled from 4K.

CES 2014: 4K round up | Cinema 5D
The GH 4k camera has been revealed, with little more than what seems a re-labelled GH3 to look at in a glass box. Confirmed specs are 200mbps intraframe codec recording, recording to SDXC memory cards and a mini HDMI for live view output. A list of rumored specs include:

Welcome to the 24mm focal range of the SLR Lounge Canon Lens Wars series, where we will be comparing 4 lenses  at the 24mm focal length.:
Canon 24-70mm f/4L
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
Canon 24-105mm f/4L
Canon 24mm f/1.4L II prime lens

“Minute Review” – Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler | Cinema 5D
The good stuff: you can put it onto your normal tripod. In my test, I simply used my Sachtler FSB8 (a 75mm bowl head) with the Pocket Jib Traveler, so it wasn’t a heavy duty tripod – and it worked just fine. Also, the jib is extremely easy to set up – as you can see in the review video, it’s very simple to pull out the joint to twist it into its “jib state”.

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Guide (Part Two): Lenses, Filters, Matteboxes and Follow Focus Systems | wolfcrow
The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K has a Super 35mm-sized sensor. What does that mean?
The traditional 3-perf Super 35mm size is 24.89 mm x 14 mm with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has a crop factor of 1.45. How does the Blackmagic 4K Camera compare?

Film shot entirely on innovative handheld camera stabliser | Televisual
Short film From 1994 has been entirely filmed using Freefly’s new handheld MōVI M10 camera stabiliser system, which created quite a buzz at IBC 2013. The film, which was shot on an Arri Alexa M, by Emmy Award winning directors Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger, used the MōVI M10 gyro-stabilised three-axis gimbal system throughout.

Traits of a Good Film Crew | PremiumBeat
A good crew member…
Helps solve problems on set.
Improves morale on set by complementing instead of complaining.
Is concerned with making the film as great as possible even if it means shooting late.

Getty & AFP Appeal $1.2 Million Copyright Infringement Verdict | PetaPixel
This is a stills image case, but still interesting:
In its new motion, Getty and AFP argue that their conduct was “careless” but not willfully malicious, thus shielding them from the maximum penalty. They argue the most Morel is entitled to is a single DMCA penalty of $2,500 and actual damages of $200,000 — legal fees in the case are estimated to have reached northwards of $8 million.

No one reads a comic strip because it's drawn well | Seth's Blog
As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter.

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