Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Taking The Movies Out of The Movies | proLost
I wasn't a fan of The Hobbit, but I thought that was because I felt like I'd already seen the movie. Evidently, other's didn't like it because of the high frame-rates?
So apparently, what we’d be “fools if we didn’t learn from The Hobbit” is that we can charge more money for stuff people don’t actually like.

10 Tips for Building Your Video Production or Editing Business on Twitter | PremiumBeat
Having a clear plan.  Build a crowd of followers who might like a product when it’s launched.  Build a network of other professionals in your city.  Have an online presence with the goal of ‘industry recognition’ and ‘brand awareness’.  All of these are valid reasons to use Twitter.  Without a targeted goal you are aimless.

Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera Provides Artistic Liberty for Shooting Commercials | Broadcast Engineering
“The latitude test was shot on a backlit-latitude chart. I had 13 shots of detail. We took that EOS C300 camera data back, processed it at the studio and were amazed by how good it looked on their big projection screen.”

Photogs Probably Won’t be Replaced by Robots Anytime Soon, Study Finds | Peta Pixel
Of the 702 occupation types studied, however, photographers (and, fortunately for us, writers) seemed to be dodging this bullet. With #1 being the least probable to be replaced and #702 the most probable, photographers rank at #91.

Guest Post: Kurt Lancaster | Digital Bolex
Kurt is writing a book about Digital Bolex. Kurt writes a blog about Digital Bolex:
In post, I imported the clips into my MacBook Pro and opened them up in Adobe Camera Raw. What I saw was, finally, what I shot—it was dense. I could manipulate the image like I was in a dark room mixing chemicals—but now I was mixing temperature balance, tint, contrast, exposure, and film curves.

Chris Fenwick and FCPX Pros & Cons – Crossing the 180 #106 | Dare Dreamer
Today we bring you part 2 of my Final Cut Pro X series with fellow podcaster and veteran editor Chris Fenwick. This week we get into the meat of the discussion on what we love about FCPX.

New features to Premiere Elements 12 includes a guided edit system that helps to walk the editor through a project, highlighting the features and functions of the application. There is no more having to sit through hours of footage to find the one usable shot.

$350 spinning set | Justin Fredrick Clark | Vimeo

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