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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Review – Final Part | EOSHD
Audio is the only major weakness of the camera. The internal pre-amps are poor, the circuits are noisy, monitoring it is tricky and there’s hardly any audio features.
But considering how much hassle, manpower, time and expense is saved with other areas using the Pocket in a pure directing sense like a viewfinder with a record button, it isn’t much to ask to have a sound guy on location with you.

An Examination of the RED DRAGON Initial Impressions | Timur Civan
Thats when I realised the difference.   I thought my MX was broken….  It just looked …. old.  Its a funny thing with technology, you don’t notice an improvement  as being that huge until you take a step backwards in generation.  I love the current MX, but I just met its successful, smarter, hotter, younger sister.

Cine-EI Mode when recording S-Log2/3 and raw on the F5 and F55 | XDCAM-User
Prior to version 3 of the F5 and F55 firmware, Cine-EI was only available in raw mode with the R5 recorder attached. Now from version 3 onwards Cine-EI operation can be selected in both raw and non raw modes. You no longer need to have the R5 attached to use Cine-EI. EI stands for “Exposure Index”.

For Shooting “The Big Bang Theory” And “Mom”, DP Steven Silver, ASC Switches to “Panavised” Sony F55s | HD Video Pro
For Mom, the desire for a filmic look was one reason for choosing the F55 and its larger, 35mm sensor. The F55’s other attributes include a native ISO of 1250, which can result in less image noise with similar lighting scenarios. The S-log2 format is also a key component, recording a richer image with higher dynamic range and greater latitude.

Micro Four Thirds Format for Filmmakers | B & H
The Micro Four Thirds system, with a sensor size equivalent to a 4/3-inch video tube, allows filmmakers to achieve a shallow depth of field that is cinematic and less like video, yet is also versatile and easy to focus. Shooting on 35mm or the digital equivalent sensor means as shallow and selective focus as possible, but it also means that keeping the image in focus can be a real challenge.

First Impressions of Final Cut Pro X 10.1 | No Film School
Audio mixing still does not compare to what all one can do in Premiere. For concerts, we have a professional mix all of our audio out of program and deliver a finished and mixed .WAV file. The integration with Logic Pro X in the previous release of FCP X is nice, but still leaves much to be desired.

10 Dos and 10 Don’ts for Beginner Directors | It's A 1st AD Thing
DON’T get frantic. This is a big no-no. If your assistant director is not worried about time, then you shouldn’t be either. It’s not your job to worry about those things. It’s your job to get the movie done.

I made the film below using my Canon S110 with no accessories and using the built-in mic. As always with a camera like this, exposure, sound and focus always cause problems. I filmed interviews so close to the interviewee that the sound would pick up. I also had to be careful what backdrop I used because the camera’s auto exposure isn’t great and will hunt a lot before it is happy.

As Hollywood Filming Spreads Out Globally, California Loses | Huffington Post
In the old days, filmmakers flocked to Hollywood for its abundant sunshine, beautiful people and sandy beaches. But today a new filmmaking diaspora is spreading across the globe to places like Vancouver, London and Wellington, New Zealand.

Unlocking Your Inner Movie Director (and Editor) | The New York Times
The difference between good video and poor video often comes down to stability and lighting. While hand-held video on your smartphone is fine for many situations, often it is too shaky, which can lead to distracting, unusable footage.

Animography - Animated fonts.
I posted a link to this a while back, but I still find them intriguing.

Philip Bloom is playing with the Digital Bolex and he posted a sample file, which was graded by RA VisualWorks here:

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