Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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My Final Post....  | Red Forum
Jim Jannard says he will stop posting and be less of the face of RED because of the stupid people on the internet. I wish him well in his new mission of not dealing with stupid people. I assume he will no longer be using the internet:
With the release of the Dragon sensor... I have finished my mission. I am done posting. I will no longer be the face of RED. Mercifully, Jarred will take my place and he is worthy times forever. Jarred is me... only 30 years younger.
My final thoughts...I have done my best. I saw a fatal flaw in the camera industry. We did our best to address it.
I will now sink into the background, I hope with my reputation intact. I will work on the future of digital cinema... behind the scenes.

“Is that a Blackmagic in your pocket or are you…?” The evolving camera review!! | Philip Bloom
Philip has started a blog about his experience with the new Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera. First he had some problems with SD cards:
1948 Try another card and go through the same thing. I try this with so many “fast” SD cards. Sometimes I can get the camera to see the card, but it won’t record, just turns red for record for a split second then stops. All other cards get a “no sd” display. I do this until…

ALEXA, Alura and aurora borealis | ARRI
Philip Clemo on shooting with the Alexa:
"We assessed a number of digital camera systems in advance of the trip, performing tests in a darkened cellar," says Clemo. "The ALEXA's low light performance was simply outstanding; it was the clear choice, as night shooting was such a key component of the trip."

Why KineRAW MINI could be your next camera | EOSHD
There's not really been a lot of info about this camera, so it's interesting to get this perspective:
Great for capturing slow-mo moments in glorious raw, this is the only camera to do high speed 100fps raw close to a consumer price point. The FS700 plus external recorder is significantly more expensive at over $10,000 including the Sony recorder. The Red Scarlet does 1280 x 720p at 120fps but with a crop of the sensor. The KineRAW MINI uses the FULL sensor for 100fps! No awkward change in the rendering of your lens and field of view.

Speeding up FCPX & Motion renders on a Mac Pro with a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 GPU | FCP.Co
Andrew Smith installed a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 ($479.99) (the PC model) in his Mac Pro, and lived to write about it.
After some more research, a GTX680 was decided on as it is the same card as the new (well reviewed for FCPX) iMacs, plus the CUDA cores work with Adobe apps. However the MacEdition was £140 more than the PC one! [In the US, the Mac Version is $589.99]  The Yorkshire in me kicked in, and after a little Google action, it seemed that the EVGA standard cards can be flashed into Mac versions, the firmware being the only difference. So onto Amazon and a PC EVGA GTX680 2GB was ordered

Women in Film vs. TV: Why the Disparity? | Filmmaker Magazine
One of the biggest conundrums I’ve experienced as a female filmmaker is watching the women of television advance so much farther than their counterparts in film. Why is there such a great disparity?Take for example this year’s Emmy nominations list. Looking only at nominations for directing, women have the opportunity take a number of prizes home:

More On Lens Testing
DigitalTV posted this review of the Canon 50mm lenses (the f/1.2 ($1,439), f/1.4 ($399) and f/1.8 ($125))
This is really a still camera perspective:

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nigelstewart | instagram
The Big Bang TheoryNew camera for the 7th season of #TBBT - the Sony F55

Magic Lantern updates it's website

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