Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Today’s Video Cameras Can Do it All, But Do You Want Them To?
| Redrockmicro Blog
Subtitled "Why Optical Filters and Matte Boxes Still Matter in the Digital Age" this is a great look at filters and matter boxes and things from Tiffen's MPTV Filter Group Consultant Carey Duffy.
Graduated and Attenuated ND Filters
A variant of ND filters are graduated and attenuated filters, which cut down the amount of light in a specific area. This is typically used to cut down the bright sky so the exposure is more even between the action on the ground and the overhead light. Graduated ND goes from some ND to clear, whereas attenuated filters have a graduated ND across the entire filter, never going to clear.

Raw video on the Canon 7D – Super 35mm raw for under $1000 | EOSHD
Because the 7D has a parallel processing architecture, it is lagging behind a bit compared to the other cameras in terms of Magic Lantern development, but it has certainly caught up leaps and bounds in the last few months. The full processing power of the dual-CPUs likely hasn’t yet been fully exploited. Raw video on the 50D (and certainly 5D Mark III) is at a more mature stage of development.

Intuos Creative Stylus | Wacom
For the iPad, this could be very cool...
Finally, a professional-grade stylus for the iPad from the leader increative stylus technology. Create naturally, with a pressure-sensitive pen that enables palm rejection, and lets you draw,sketch, and paint on your iPad with the artistic control oftraditional tools.

6 Cameras to Ease Your Way Into Shooting 4K Video | PDN
If you’re considering the jump to 4K, we’ve selected six video cameras that deliver it in a package that’s affordable, preserves your ability to shoot in HD and is relatively easy to use if you know your way around an HD digital SLR. Workflows for 4K are still maturing, so some solutions require proprietary memory formats and/or software for post-processing, but hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Sony PMW-F55 and F5 Shoot Australia’s First 4K Cinema TVC | Digital Media
The first 4K cinema TVC in Australia has been shot with Sony PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 cameras. The commercial, titled ‘Like Nothing You’ve Ever Experienced’, was produced for the launch of Sony’s new line-up of BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD TVs and is part of a high-budget, national campaign that tells the emotional stories of the first-time experiences of three Australians.

Atomos Samurai Blade - RedShark's full video review | Red Shark News
We've always kept a close eye on Atomos products and we've seen them evolve from the groundbreaking-but-basic HDMI Ninja through the HD-SDI Samurai. And now we've had a chance to test the new Samurai Blade: a significant evolution of the Samurai theme that incorporates a bright, high resolution screen that can be used as an electronic viewfinder.

“The Past is Never Past,” but the Faulkner/Midnight in Paris Lawsuit Is | Filmmaker Magazine
in Allen’s film, it’s Luke Wilson’s character who utters the line, paraphrasing it and turning it into a joke in the process. At the least, however, the ruling should embolden producers and distributors of fiction films to rely on Fair Use

SDBG4 Brushless Gimbal | Steadidron
Here we go, another brushless gimbal, though for small cameras and it's only $495!
The SDBG4 (SteadiDrone Brushless Gimbal) features the best camera gimbal stabilization technology available and will provide rock solid smooth footage like never before. Using special brushless motors instead of older technology servos, the SDBG is simple in it's design yet super effective to keep your camera level and pointing where it should, with smooth jello free footage. The gimbal also features manual tilt and roll control via your radio or a second radio when using two operators. Tilt/roll control is also possible with the SteadiDrone AGC (Android Ground Control) and a compatible Android device with many extra advanced features!

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