Thursday, May 30, 2013

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NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' Eyes Ultra-High-Def 4K | Hollywood Reporter
Buono said that while more storage is required, 4K “has not [resulted in] a significant change in price.” The SNL film unit plans to continue to experiment with 4K going into next season, using new tools such as AJA’s Hi5-4K format converter.

Councilwoman Castillo: Margo Guernsey on Making Her Feature-Length Political Documentary | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Margo Guernsey has produced promotional mini-docs and videos for a number of non-profits, but for her first feature-length project, “Councilwoman Castillo,” she is focusing on the story of a hotel housekeeper, Carmen Castillo, elected to the City Council in Providence, Rhode Island. The project will cover Castillo’s first three years in office starting with her election in November 2011.

Legally Speaking, It Depends: Ripped From the Headlines | Script
It is usually not a question whether a sensational story that captures the public’s attention through news reports would make a great script. The question should be, “What are the legal issues you have to be aware of to turn that story into a script that has a chance of being made without being hopelessly embroiled in a legal tussle?”

How Lenses Assist in Storytelling | Shane Hurlbut
“The camera is a tool, but the glass serves as your eyes into the story.”The lens’ traits can help tell your story. The look and feel of lenses, their characteristics of color and contrast rendition, are all relevant factors. For example, some lenses are cold, some have warmth, and many are yellow.

Which Canon DSLR’s can do RAW with Magic Lantern? | Cinema 5D
And here’s a list of all the cameras that can currently do RAW. Keep in mind that most of these don’t reach 1080p resolution (yet) and require a fast CF card to achieve the write speeds required.

Feature Upgrade for the EOS-1D C Available | CanonRumors
25p 4K RecordingCanon has officially released feature upgrade for the EOS-1D C that will allow recording in 25p at 4K resolution. This upgrade is not available via download.

Using Final Cut Pro X to edit a documentary for the BBC |
I had been using Final Cut 7 for TV and online projects but was still pretty skeptical when Final Cut Pro X first came out. My friend Fernando finally convinced me to give it a go when we were working together on another project, our interactive stage show "Choose Your Own Documentary" which has since been shown at the Southbank. He had raved about Final Cut Pro X so by the time this doc came along,

Why Zach Braff's Film Going to Cannes Shows the Future of Film Financing | IndieWire
They may not have realized this but more than forty-six thousand individuals – many of them ordinary Americans with no prior film industry knowledge – had a direct bearing on what has been happening this past week thousands of miles away at the Cannes Film Festival.

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