Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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"Arnold Worldwide" (with Nicholas Agri) | NeedCreative
Co-hosts Paul Antico of Anticipate Media and Ben Consoli of BC Media Productions talk the latest news in video production. Then they are joined by special guest from major advertising agency, Arnold Worldwide, Nick Agri. Nick talks all about the world of advertising, from the creation of campaigns to his specialized role as in house creator of content. 

Choosing the Best DSLR for Video | DSLR Video Shooter
Will you be shooting stills and video or just video? Is your filming indoors or outdoors? Do you film day in and day out? Or are you more of a hobbyist? Do you film long for content or quick clips and b-roll? These are all important questions to know before you purchase a camera. For example, if you film a lot of commercial work you will probably be shooting interviews in small offices. 

Damon LindelofOn Story
Season 3 Episode 6 (26:48 Minutes)
Damon Lindelof discusses his hand in some of the most celebrated and scrutinized works of science fiction over the past five years, and how much of their success is attributed to writing stories that leave a lot up to one’s imagination.  Accompanied by Dean Loxton’s improvised short film, METRO 7 BIS about a woman’s encounter with a handsome stranger in Paris, only to find their meeting was hardly by chance.

First Person: James Erwin | Financial Times
An internet post turns into a script:
On the day it was tough sitting at work watching it all happen. I just wanted to jump up on my desk and shout at people, “I’m famous on the internet!” I was toggling between windows the entire afternoon. There was stuff I had to get done at work but at the same time all of this was unfolding online.

Two Pretty Amazing shots with the MōVI and the RED Epic Infra Red in 5K | Vincent Laforet
The shot that got away:
Let’s just say that that one shot stuck with Tabb Firchau, Hugh Bell (two of the co-founders of Freefly Systems and the MōVI) and myself for weeks after the successful launch of the MōVI - and we couldn’t wait to get the team back together for a second try at it…  

First image of the new Samyang 16mm f/2.0 (A and E-mount) | SonyAlphaRumors
Samyang (aka Bower/Rokinon) have a 16mm lens coming. At 2.0 it could be a nice alternative to the T3.1/f2.8 14mm lens:
The 16mm focus length with rectilinear imaging system ensure extra wide angle of view amounting to 83.1 degrees (for Nikon version and 79.5 for Canon). The big aperture opening of F2.0 ensure photographers able to use it for low light environment like night street shooting. 

It lives! 5 year old $350 Canon 50D becomes raw cinema monster | EOSHD
It seems the 50D is the best Super 35mm DSLR for raw video from Canon. The sensor resolves very clean highly detailed raw video with hardly any moire or aliasing, at a higher quality than the Rebel lines does.

Will Third Party Firmware Void Your Canon Warranty? | CanonRumors
Canon’s Response “There is no such thing as “voiding” the Canon warranty, there are simply repairs that are covered, and those that are not.

It was clear from the beginning that both Mika and I would be breaking common documentary practices with ‘The Amerikans’. We weren’t interested in capturing reality exactly as we found it, since reality is often unorganized, unpredictable, and in the case of Tom hunting, even perilous. Instead, the decision was reached with Jeff to script the episode with the help of a few preliminary audio interviews. 

Douglas Trumbull | UnreelVirtualSets | YouTube
Doug Trumbull talks about his new plans to make movies with Virtual sets, higher frame rates, larger screens, brighter images.

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