Friday, May 24, 2013

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Colorists Resources Round Up Part 2 | Jonny Elwyn
The last post I did called Colorist Resources was very popular so here is yet another round up of some of the latest tips and tutorials to hit the web.

Upcoming Editing Workshop, and why VFX Matters | The Molecule
Coming up on Saturday, June 8th, Manhattan Edit Workshop presents “Inside the Cutting Room: Sight, Sound, and Story.” The Molecule’s Chris Healer will join Academy Award winner Ross Shain and experts from Gravity World to talk about the importance of Visual Effects to post production.

CARTONI JIBO Lightweight Portable Jib Can Be Assembled In Less Than 2 Minutescinescopophilia
The JIBO‘s innovative unique feature of the 3 easy mounting sections provides fast and easy operational flexibility and can be assembled or disassembled in less than 3 minutes. JIBO adds the benefit of diagonal tracking and elevation to the traditional pan and tilt movement of a standard Fluid Head.

Petrol Bags Deca Camera and Accessories Bag | cinescopophilia
Petrol Bags have introduced the Deca Camera and Accessories Bag, designed for easy transport, superior protection and quick access on the set. Featuring an ultra-wide opening, this new wheeled carrier is ideal for toting a fully equipped camera such as the Sony F65 or ARRI Alexa and is also an easy-to-organize accessories case.

Movie editing techniques – With pretty pictures! | LA VideoFilmMaker
You should generally cut on action, especially if you are cutting from a wide shot of a subject to a tighter shot of the same subject on the same visual axis. Cutting on action means that you cut from one shot to another just as an action is performed, such as an actor taking his hat off.

Writing Takes Discipline | Maria Murnane | CreateSpace
It's the same thing with writing. Even if you have a wonderful idea for a book, writing a book is HARD. In addition to the sheer creative effort, it's not like a regular job where you have to show up or you'll get fired. It's up to you to sit down today and tomorrow and the day after that and just write.

Upping Your Type Game | Jessica Hische
Type designers and web designers have an amazing amount in common, that’s why it’s super wonderful that they’ve been collaborating more lately. Web designers are pumped that they can use more than a handful of fonts on the internet, and type designers are pumped that this new group of people using their fonts actually know how to use computers.

Watch: 55-Minute Oral History Of Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' | IndieWire
The history of the film is done via interviews and includes participation by producer Jan Harlan and Kubrick's wife, Christiane, and features reminiscences from key crew on the movie including: Brian Cook - 1st AD; Mick Mason - Camera Technician; Ray Merrin - Post-Production Sound; Doug Milsome - 1st AC and Second Unit Camera; Kelvin Pike - Camera Operator; Ron Punter - Scenic Artist; June Randall - Continuity and Julian Senior - Warner Bros. Publicity.

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