Monday, May 20, 2013

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How to “sort of” give your Blackmagic Cinema Camera a Super 35mm sensor! | Philip Bloom
So does it work? Absolutely. You can see clearly from the image below. It’s the same shot. Same camera, same light, same position just one is a passive flange distance adaptor the other the speedbooster. The full image is the speedbooster one which is clearly brighter, guesstimating it as about a stop brighter.

I know that sooner or later I will be shooting RAW much more often – but that might still be a few years away for most real world shooters (commercial shooters are getting there much sooner, it seems). Before then, recording, storage and post-production options need to improve and get cheaper. Right now I will only shoot RAW if I need the best possible image quality or need the extra latitude for a specific shot that would be hard to expose for any other way.

Why you MUST have 4K and raw and why you absolutely DON’T need it *
| Philip Bloom
Raw is brilliant. 4K is sexy as hell…BUT they both come with a number of quite severe headaches for the vast majority of people (including myself) who are clamouring for it. If those headaches were not there, then I would tell everyone to go for it, but as I am in somewhat of a position where people listen to me (still an utterly bewildering thing to me) and take what I do or advice I give as verbatim

Which Compact Flash cards for 5D Mark III raw video? | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
There are a lot of 1000x compact flash cards out there, with big variance in performance and price. Personally I have had the best results with the KomputerBay 64GB 1000x card, which only cost me 89 Euros on Amazon. Some KomputerBay and Lexar cards have been able to achieve 120MB/s sustained write speeds in Magic Lantern’s benchmark test, in theory enough for a Blackmagic Cinema Camera rivalling 2.5K 2560 x 1152 which requires 118.1MB/s at 24fps.

Turning the Internet Green: The FX Protest | Michael Murie
| Filmmaker Magazine
Over the past few months it’s been hard to miss the green icons showing up on Twitter and other social media in support of the FX Protest, an event that happened at this year’s Oscar ceremony to protest ongoing problems in the VFX industry.  While movies continue to make great use of visual effects, the companies that create these effects are being financially stressed and are going out of business.

The State of the VFX Industry and where do we go from here | Rick Young | Vimeo
Presentation by Scott Ross and Scott Squires live at the NAB SuperMeet, April 9, 2013This is an important presentation - for those who don't know, the VFX industry is in crisis with many facilities either struggling to make a living or going bankrupt. This is a world-wide industry problem, highlighted by the movie, Life of Pi, which brought in a tremendous profit, yet the VFX company which made the movie possible is now out of business.

Where is the best place to sit in a 4K UltraHD cinema? |  Aframe
In their words “Some have suggested that 4K is only meaningful for very large cinema screens. In fact, screen size isn’t the true measure of an audience member’s ability to pick out detail. The true measure is the relative distance from that person to the screen, the viewing distance. On paper, 4K is obviously the superior solution. But what about the real world? Will the ticket buying public actually be able to perceive the benefits of 4K resolution in actual theaters?”

Unlocking the Hidden Costs of Video Production | Chris Leydon
Video production isn't scalable, not really. There are some ways to make efficient use of crew time, with cramming as much into one shoot as possible, but that doesn't make up for the vast amount of pre and post-production time that's needed for a big project. The bigger the shoot, the longer it stays in post production.

Adobe's Creative Cloud Controversy | Red Shark
The current Adobe flap reminds me of the rancor two years ago at the introduction of Final Cut Pro X and the accompanying suspension of Final Cut Studio development. It is like the world erupted in fiery rage and I certainly counted myself among those who felt both a sense of betrayal as well as an instant dislike to the software.

Editing with FCPX – Part Two “long form” | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
I am so glad I choose FCPX after a lot of deliberation and soul searching…version 10.0.08 is a great editing tool and the inbuilt chroma key is second to none, DON’T buy any 3rd party chroma key as they can’t compete with Apples own version, I tried one claiming better keying of finer detail and it was not a patch on the Apple version.

Dark Knight to rise for next James Bond? Christopher Nolan approached to direct next 007 film | Daily Mail
Nolan, who made the Batman trilogy Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises — and had time for Inception in between — would be a cool choice after Sam Mendes decided not to shoot Bond 24.

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