Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Space Monkeys, Raw Video, and Giving Us All You've Got | Prolost
One of the best looks at what's going on behind the latest Canon 5D hack:
But there’s a price to pay for recording 14-bit uncompressed raw. It requires crazy-fast CF cards, and you’ll only get 15 minutes of video on that 128 GB card, according to Cinema 5D, who graciously posted their workflow and samples, “after struggling for a day” to get it all working.

Low light test of 5D Mark III raw vs H.264 | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The image is cleaner in low light with raw, with even exposures I rated ISO 12,800 coming out perfectly usable. I’m hesitant to say it as a matter of fact but based on my early observations the 5D Mark III seems to have surpassed the C300 as the ‘low light king’.

Friendly’s “Build Your Own Burger” Campaign Shot with Blackmagic Cinema Camera | Blackmagic
“It was my job to get the best images possible, and I couldn’t believe what the camera delivered in such an affordable and easy workflow,” he continued. “We turned it on, popped in an SSD and were recording. The camera was connected to a laptop running Blackmagic’s UltraScope software so we could monitor the image to ensure nothing was clipping.

Manfrotto 502HD Pro Video Head Review MVH502AH | Erik Naso
I quite like Manfrotto's lower-end heads and legs; you can get the 502HD with legs for just under $400. Sure they aren't as good as a Miller, but then they're almost 1/4 the price! In both cases you get what you pay for, and if you can't afford the best you have to make do...though I've heard a lot of praise for Sachtler's Ace series, which can be bought for just over $500.
This is the new Manfrotto 502 MVH502AH that has the patented Bridging Technology Ball-bearing drag system inherited from the 509HD and 504HD heads. Its much bigger than the 501 and 701 heads that have been discontinued. The 502 is considered an entry level pro fluid head by Manfrotto.

How To Bring a Cinematic Look to a Small Budget Commercial, Part 2 | Ryan E. Walters | Zacuto
The last step in our initial process is the creation of the video proposal. This is where we take all of our planning, development, and budgeting and merge it into one document that is easy to read and follow by our client. This is crucial to our process as it allows everyone to literally be on the same page.

How To Start Your Editing Business | Larry Jordan
What happens far too often is that a business is created by someone who understands one of these components really well, but doesn’t understand the other two and, hence, ignores them. This is sad, because many great ideas have died because the entrepreneur starting them didn’t take the time to get themselves started right.

Reader Question: How easy is it to steal a story? | Go Into The Story
Sure, there may be some individual or outfit who would be willing to take the risk of ripping off your idea. But that would mean (1) stealing your story idea, (2) developing it, (3) having a writer write it, and (4) get it set up somewhere. That is an arduous path. Plus there is that word: RISK. By using your idea for their project, they set themselves up for a potential lawsuit.

My Favorite Regional American Film Festivals ~Joe Swanberg | Zacuto
SF INDIEFEST – San Francisco – February
I appreciate any opportunity to spend time in San Francisco, but this Festival provides wild parties, enthusiastic audiences and a truly independent program that makes the city that much more appealing.  The main venue is in The Mission District, which borders The Castro. 

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