Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Conversation Series: Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty Talks Pricing and 4K |
The Hollywood Reporter
“Too many manufacturers make products that are way too expensive or too complicated. You have to buy their service contracts … but often they are used as a way for the manufacturer to produce poor quality products and make money off the service

Quick Note: Technicolor Color Assist now supports Apple’s Final Cut X
| Vincent Laforet
A quick note to say that the Technicolor Color Assist software which is a wonderful way to quickly set a look (or color grade/correction) on the set right there on the spot (on a shoot large or small) before those drives get shipped off into never never land… is now supported by Final Cut Pro X.

9 Tips For Low Budget Indie Filmmakers | DigiMediaDude
  1. Get a committed team.  Make sure it’s a small crew and tell them that no one will get paid (at least with $$).
  2. Own or borrow equipment.  Do not rent!

Jacob Rosenberg’s Ten Rules for Filmmaking | Larry Jordan
  • A mistake is only a bad thing if you don’t learn from it
  • There’s always a solution

J.J. Abrams: On Filmmaking | BAFTA | YouTube
J.J. Abrams (Star Trek Into Darkness, Lost, Super 8) fills us in on balancing intimacy with hyperreality, why TV leaves room for surprises and the best advice he's ever been given.

Easy Ways to End Copyright Confusion | the future of ink
The US Copyright law has a clause called the “Fair Use” clause.  This clause allows for the use of minimal portions of other’s copyrighted material without written permission.  This clause is very vague and can be quite confusing.  Fair use is intended to allow the quoting of material for parody, commentary, news reporting, and education.

Audio for DSLR shooters… Choosing Microphones | F Stop Academy
Learning to record audio for DSLR shooters can be challenging. The secret to recording great audio is to get the microphone as close to the subject or person you are recording as you can. However, getting a mic close is not always physically possible..

Upcoming Events

Free Webinar on Color Grading with Tiffen | Richard Harrington
May 15th 12PM EST
Learn how to approach color grading tasks from production to post. Learn important techniques about what to shoot in the field including camera profile, white balance information, and essential metadata. Then in post you'll learn how to create popular looks that clients want.

May 22nd MPC Meeting at Coolidge Corner Theatre
| Massachusetts Production Coalition
Join us for a discussion on development and financing with Boston-based feature film producers Paul Bernon, Sam Slater and Blythe Robertson, moderated by journalist and WIFVNE Board Member Shannon Mullen.

BOSCPUG & BAVUG: Boston Preview of DaVinci Resolve 10 with Alexis Van Hurkman | Boston Creative Pro User Group
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)Boston, MA
Join us for a special joint mixer of BOSCPUG and BAVUG - featuring a special evening with writer, director and colorist ALEXIS VAN HURKMAN fresh from 2013 NABShow with the Boston Preview of DaVinci Resolve 10!

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