Friday, April 05, 2013

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12 Things to Think About Before Committing to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera for Your Film | Micah Van Hove | No Film School
I’ve shot with 4 different Blackmagic cameras so far, and each LCD screen seems to have its different quirks, dead pixels being the constant, so potentially expect to see some. However, the real problem with the BMC screen is that it’s completely unusable in daylight or in any situation where light is hitting the screen, and the included sun shade is not a solution by any means.

Filming with this camera is pretty simple, make sure highlights are below 100%, focus and press record. That was refreshing. Although the footage doesn’t look very good while you are filming, once you get it on the computer it’s beautiful. The color reproduction, dynamic range and motion rendition are awesome. 

Freelance Taxes #3: 50 Deductions You’ll Want to Take to Save Money
| Evan Luzi | The Black And Blue
5. Cameras that you rent out or bring with you on productions. Just remember these are considered assets and depreciate over time.
6. Camera Accessories. They can add up to cost almost as much as the camera itself.

NAB Sneak Peaks Are Here | Adobe
Powerful new features are coming to Adobe's industry-leading video and audio tools. You'll soon be able to work even more creatively, seamlessly and profitably - from script to screen. Here's an early look at what to expect...

Adobe Drives Innovation with New Video Workflows at NAB 2013 [PDF] | Adobe
Adobe is also announcing Adobe Anywhere for video – a modern, collaborative workflow platform that empowers teams using Adobe professional video tools, to work together accessing and managing centralized media and assets across virtually any network (see separate release). Adobe will demonstrate its new solutions during the NAB 2013 Show at its booth #SL3910, South Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 8 – 11.

Most are familiar with how ISO controls a camera’s sensitivity to light and susceptibility to film grain. However, ISO has other consequences with digital, and its implementation often varies. This article explores how ISO is evolving and influencing camera technique in the digital era.

First 4K Canon 1DC drone flight (and FS700 / C300 also gets airborne)
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
The Canon 1D C has taken to the skies for the first time thanks to Perspective Aerials founder Anthony Jacobs, who has just stepped up their drone to fly heavier cameras. The new rig has a custom built RC follow focus by Anthony Lenzo of Air Sea Land (ASL).

Canon XA-25 with Wi-Fi and 1080 50p | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
The XA-25 and XA-20 join the XA compact camcorder range, alongside the XA-10 camera, to increase the proposition of affordable, compact and professional specification video cameras. The XA-25/XA-20 is designed to offer the customer an affordable solution for a video camera that is suitable for broadcast standard Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and also for other applications where the camera’s small size, high image quality, large optical zoom and commonly used CODEC are desirable

NAB 2013: Collaborative Film | Preston Kanak | Blog
With NAB only a few days away, I wanted to introduce a collaborative film project that will be taking place during NAB. For this film, we will work as a team to develop a concept and then work together to produce a three minute time-lapse film, utilizing the skills of as few or as many filmmakers that are interested.

NAB: The 4K Ripple Effect Makes Waves for TV | David Cohen | Variety
The newfangled sets aren’t even in U.S. living rooms yet, but already select TV pilots are being shot by Sony Pictures Television with digital-cinema cameras to future-proof the programming for the time when 4K is commonplace.

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