Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Color Grading A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, Part 2: Chris Martin on the Art of the Post-Grade | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
In this second part on the color grading of the movie A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, Chris Martin of SPY describes his work to complete the final grade, the workflow, and the color look of the picture.

Buying stock footage with the Pond5 plugin for Premiere Pro CS6 | Scott Simmons | Pro Video Coalition
I used it several times when working on some stock footage based edits but hadn't had the opportunity to actually carry out the whole purchase and conform process from within PPro until a recent project. Keeping in mind this product is still in beta, here's a few cautions and gotchas that I ran across while working.

The History (and Future) of Rotoscoping in After Effects | Adobe
After Effects has evolved throughout the past 20 years to make rotoscoping a less eye-bleeding task. Check out how After Effects has changed throughout the years and get a sneak peek at the evolution of rotoscoping.

24-Hour Creative Session: Adobe MAX Logo | Sue Garibaldi | Adobe
Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister & Walsh have decided to reinterpret our Adobe MAX logo in a 24-hour creative session that will be live streamed, which they’re endearingly calling “play” (sounds like hard-work to us).

Rumor has Apple TV set using 4K Ultra HD panel | Electronista
Seems odd to me that Apple would jump into 4K:
Apple's long-anticipated TV set will use a 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) panel, according to supply chain sources reached by DigiTimes.

Danny Boyle Says 3D "May Be A Phase" But Calls Ang Lee's 'Life Of Pi' "Incredible"
| Joe Cunningham | IndieWire
"I don't use 3D," he said. "I'm a spectacle wearer, so I hate going to 3D movies because you have to wear two pairs of spectacles, which makes you feel like even more of a prat. You know how everybody feels a bit of prat wearing 3D spectacles? You as a spectacle wearer feel a double prat."

Indiegogo's Field Guide Breaks Down the Process of Crowdfunding to Help You Run a Successful Campaign | V Renée | No Film School
The thing that I like about the field guide is that it gives me something to do. It gives me boxes to check, goals to set, and things to consider. It has it all there clearly labeled and linear, ready for my humble fumblings with a multi-colored gel pen.

Lightworks on Windows | Matt Sandford | Lightworks
The development work on the next version of Lightworks 11.1 is going very well and with nearly four thousand users registered and testing the latest Beta versions we have been making excellent progress. Such an enormous amount of feedback - and the time it takes to respond to it - means that we are slightly behind with making the 11.1 Windows version available for release but it is nearly complete. We are aiming to have the release version ready for 30th April 2013

Jason Brush and Michel Reilhac Discuss the Second Screen and New Interactive Cinema at SXSW | Scott Macaulay | Filmmaker Magazine
That turned into a conversation about the second screen — using a viewing device like an iPad or iPhone alongside a television set — and the new ways in which filmmakers can experiment with the cinematic form.

Imagineer Systems Partners with CoreMelt at NAB 2013; Unveils New Version of SliceX for FCP X Powered By mocha | Creative Planet Network
Imagineer Systems, creators of the Academy Award winning mocha Planar Tracking technology, today announced it has partnered with CoreMelt to integrate Imagineer’s Planar Tracker into SliceX, the shape masking plug-in for FCP X. SliceX is available for demonstration at the Imagineer Systems booth at NAB 2013 during the week of April 8, 2013 at booth #SL3329 in the Plug In Pavilion in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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