Friday, January 04, 2013

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Episode 50: Sony NEX-VG900 Camera Review | Caleb Pike | DSLR Video Shooter
A look at the full-frame sensor NEX-VG900 consumer video camera:
The Sony NEX-VG900 gets a 4/5 in my book. I loved working with a full frame video camera. And having APS-C as an option that can be turned on is brilliant. Check out my review for more details and demo footage.

C300 Fringe Test | Randy Noland | Vimeo
There's been a bit of back and forth on whether this software update fixes color-frining on the Canon C300. Some Canon techs have even denied that it does...
This video is a quick C300 Fringe Test after Canon Factory Service installed firmware ver Sorry for handheld but I had 10 minutes to shoot. I tried to mimic pushing to extreme over exposure.I think the fringing issues have been resolved.

New footage from the M4/3 Blackmagic Cinema Camera shows promise as shipping on the EOS version of the camera resumes | Dan Chung | DSLR News Shooter
Good news that the EOS Blackmagic Cinema Camera is shipping again:
To me, the M4/3 version of the camera makes far more sense than the EF mounted one – mainly because you can use excellent fixed focal length lenses like Voigtlander’s 17.5mm and 25mm f0.95 to get shallow depth of field. Adapters to Nikon, Canon FD, Sony Alpha, Leica M and of course PL mount will open up the available range of lenses tremendously, but sadly because of the lack of an electronic M4/3 mount some other popular M4/3 lenses won’t be very usable.

Canon’s Controversial 24-70mm f/4 Lens Now Available | FStoppers
Well, the 24-70mm f/4 L [$1,499] does have IS, while the pricier 24-70mm f/2.8 [$2,199] does not. But then there's also the 24-105mm f/4 [$1,091] which has IS too. Decisions, decisions!:
Whether you were excited for this lens or not, the Canon 24-70mm f/4 IS L lens from Canon is available now. I was rather baffled when I heard the news of its release last November, and I’m still scratching my head at this one. It just seemed like a money grab to me. Nevertheless, if you want it, you can pick it up starting today.

Reviewing the JVC GY-HM650 | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Not really a review....more a few things he likes about the camera
One of the main differences between the 650 and the 600 is the ability to send a WiFi signal out of the 650 onto an iPad, it’s not real time but for surveillance or wildlife this may just sway you towards the 650.You really have to view the pictures on a 40″ screen to appreciate just how good this JVC camcorder is, I will be editing the C100 Review this weekend and you will be able to see for yourself in 720p HD the pictures from the JVC GY-HM650 camcorder.

The Making of My First Music Video | RON DAWSON | Dare Dreamer
I can now officially be considered a real, live, honest to goodness, DSLR filmmaker. I have made an official music video! Equipped with its fair share of super shallow depth of field shots and hazy imagery! Yeah! I feel so official.

Meet the Hollywood eccentric who invented high frame rate film 30 years before 'The Hobbit' | Russell Brandom | The Verge
Douglas Trumbull:
Trumbull's history with HFR starts in 1978, when he co-founded a lab called Future General Corporation as an offshoot of Paramount Studios. Part of its business was special effects, taking on projects like the first Star Trek feature, but the other half was straight R&D, developing an early interactive game and the first mini-theaters built on hydraulic lifts for "flight simulator" rides. 

Scientific and Technical Oscars announced | Jeff Heusser | fx guide
Dr. Philip McLauchlan, Allan Jaenicke, John–Paul Smith and Ross Shainfor the creation of the Mocha planar tracking and rotoscoping software at Imagineer Systems Ltd.Mocha provides robust planar–tracking even when there are no clearly defined points in the image. Its effectiveness, ease of use, and ability to exchange rotoscoping data with other image processing tools have resulted in widespread adoption of the software in the visual effects industry.

20 Questions to Ask Yourself While Mixing | Bruce Bartlett | Audio Undone
This is primarily about mixing music, but no reason why it shouldn't apply to video:
4. Is there enough stereo spread? If you pan vocals and most instruments to the middle, you have essentially a mono recording! Try panning two similar guitar parts hard left and right, or pan guitars left and keys right. If too many parts are panned to center, that center area can sound congested. Spread things out a little.

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AnticipateMedia said...

Re: canon Fringe fix - the firmware fixes it. A tech from Canon's Professional Production Support Center had my camera, read the emails. She said email support people didn't know what they were talking about. She had a tech note from Canon engineers stating the only known fix was to install the firmware Randy noted in his post. It's not publicly available. It fixed on Randy's unit, on Joe Simon's, on Brian Weed's, and others. I will get my camera Monday with the firmware and shoot the same items that caused it before to say definitively, but Randy's footage looks clean. It would have been a fringy mess before.

Unless my camera magically still shows it with the new firmware; it's fixed.