Tuesday, January 15, 2013

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Behind The Scenes on BART: a Narrative Short Shot with the Canon C100
| Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Canon has released a Behind The Scenes for a new short that was shot with the Canon C100:
Canon subsequently contacted us about a second short, BART, which was also shot on the C100. While Pulse is a documentary piece, BART is a four-minute short that is entirely an exercise in narrative story telling. Canon was specifically looking for a film that had little language and had a lot of visuals to it.

4K comes to CES and Canon announces new Cine Primes | Michael Murie
| Filmmaker Magazine
A look at some new tech at this years show:
Just a couple of years ago 3D was the rage, with manufacturers showing off their 3D displays and headsets. By all reports, 3D wasn’t so hot this year. Instead, we saw the first salvos in the 4K battle to convince consumers to part with their money for another high-end display. But when it comes to televisions, 2013 may be seen as the bridge to 4K, rather than the year of 4K.

Editing with the New iMacs | Larry Jordan | Blog
This thing is fast! It loads fast. It runs smoothly. It renders quickly. Export is faster than real-time.The screen is clear and easy to read – even considering the small point sizes of much of the text. And it has speed to burn.

Could Final Cut Pro X Be the NLE of the Future? | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
One of the main reasons I held out for so long was also to see if FCPX would stick. Would Apple stay committed to this program? Or were they abandoning the pro market altogether? There are three things that give me confidence Apple is in this for the long haul and still committed to the pro.

Metabones Speed Booster adapter gives lenses an extra F/stop and nearly full frame focal lengths on APS-C sensors | Mat Gallagher | DSLR News Shooter
A standard 50mm lens via a regular adapter gives an equivalent focal length of approximately 75mm (full-frame equivalent) on an APS-C sensor body or 100mm (full-frame equivalent) on a MicroFourThirds body; using the Speed Booster adapter, Metabones claim, the lens gives a 53.25mm full-frame focal length equivalent on the same APS-C sensor, or 71mm on MicroFourThirds. Simply put – you should get a very similar look and magnification out of your full frame lenses used on a Micro 4/3 or NEX camera as you would with the same lenses on a full-frame camera.
There's more tests at EOSHD to: Prototype Metabones Speed Booster equipped NEX 7 *VS* full frame 5D Mark III – 1st comparison shots

The Digital Bolex Software + Workflow | Digital Bolex
I had Skype meetings with several companies, but none of them seemed in sync with what I was trying to do. Then Lars Borg from Adobe suggested I contact Pomfort. From our first conversation I knew this was the company I wanted to work with. Our long term goals were closely aligned and the guys were very excited about the project.

Creating Bokeh: A Lighting Tutorial | The Slanted Lens
In this lesson we will take a look at different lenses and aperture settings to see how they create this cinematic look called Bokeh. Different lenses create different patterns. We will look at using a long lens at 200 mm and how that compares to a 50 mm lens. Before we head out on location to Times Square let’s take a look at how to create Bokeh. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn’.

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