Sunday, September 16, 2012

Photokina is coming

IBC has been and gone, and here comes Photokina with possibly more goodies. Of course, this show isn't focused on video, but with most  still cameras blurring the line, we'll probably see at least a couple of interesting announcements.

If we don't already know what they will be...

Panasonic will announce the GH3. Francis Ford Coppola's favorite camera gets a serious upgrade, adding a video bitrate of 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I). Now that's serious.

Panasonic GH3 presentation video [UPDATE: PRICE $1299.99 samys] from van gogh on Vimeo.

In what must be one of the poorest kept secrets, Philip Bloom has already posted a video - and written in the abstract - about the camera: New short film “Genesis” shot on pre-production new “G” camera from Panasonic…more on Monday!

It's good to see that Panasonic has finally made another stop forward on the video side of things. Now what about upgrading the AG-AF100?


Meanwhile, Canon is expected to announce a 'lower-priced', full-frame camera this week. For at least a couple of years there have been rumors of a lower-priced full-frame sensor camera from Canon - whether it was the 3D or 6D. But nothing ever appeared, and they kept selling the 5D Mark II after releasing the III.

Interestingly, the 5D Mark II is currently selling for $1,899 with a $200 rebate (through September 23) and the 6D is expected to be around $1,999. It's a good guess that this is the end of the 5D Mark II.

But what will the video be like on the 6D? Will it be as good in the video department as the 5D Mark III, but perhaps without some of the high-end stills features in the III? Obviously, there has to be some reason why people would still buy the III, so what will they leave out?

I guess we find out tomorrow!

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