Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Behind the Scenes C100 Test | Magnanimous Media | Vimeo
Jonah Rubash, Scott Reagan, Teddy Hoffman, and Kevin Larson take out the Canon C100 for test shoot. They gab about their thoughts on the new Canon Cinema EOS camera.Shot by Kevin Larson on the C100 with a Canon 16mm-35mm and Canon 24mm-70mm.

A Guide to Building a RED Camera Package: An Accessory List for Every Budget Level | Ryan Koo | No Film School
Despite the recently reduced price of RED cameras, each model still requires a lot of (pricey) accessories. We’ve pointed this out from the very beginning, but now we’ve gone further and compiled some realistic shooting packages at three different levels: a “cheapest possible ONE MX” list by Aaron Rich, an “owner/operator SCARLET” package by myself, and a “full professional EPIC” package by Timur Civan.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera behind the scenes with CocoRosie | John Brawley
| Blog
Shot CinemaDNG and processed through Resolve V8 with mild correction, making the blacks sit on black and whites just on clipping and I added a little saturation.  No shot-to-shot grading though as I rendered to ProRes 422 (HQ) and then cut the shots in FCPx. So remember this is the V1 camera, the same camera that shot the other public BMD footage. In other words, the very first camera.

Adobe Story Plus—now available for $9.99USD/month | Adobe
We’ve got great news! As of December 3rd 2012, we have dropped the price of Story Plus from $24.99 USD/month to $9.99USD/month (with comparable price reductions in all other regions). You can purchase a Story Plus subscription here.

Product Review: Drobo 5D | Larry Jordan | Blog
If you are looking for the fastest-possible RAID, the Drobo 5D is not it. However, you only need that speed if you are editing large multicam events with video stored in ProRes format.If you need to save money, buy three drives. If you want the fastest performance, buy five drives. I was very disappointed with the performance of the unit when only four drives were installed, so avoid this configuration. I also recommend against the 2 drive configuration, which will not have performance sufficient for video editing.

UWR BLOG WEEK 76 - POST PRODUCTION | Realm Pictures | Vimeo
Part of a series on the making of the Underwater Realm:
With one week to go until we hit render, Dave takes you through what each member of the team is up to at Realm HQ. From digital set extensions to organising the premiere, the team is working every waking minute to get the films finished in time for the upcoming world premiere.

Bond Gets a CG Komodo Dragon for Skyfall | Bill Desowitz
| Animation World Network
"They make a big thing about the franchise not being about CG, but I liked the way [Oscar-winning] director Sam Mendes worked," explains Jon Neill, Cinesite's visual effects supervisor. "You can tell he's from the theater the way he would get everyone together, including the technical people, and walk through the whole sequence."

Shooting an Interview: Ep 119: DSLR | Video Skills with Rich Harrington
| Adorama TV | YouTube
A continuing series by Richard Harrington sponsored by Adorama. In this episode, Richard discusses interview shooting, and how to get the best performance from your subject, offering tips for interviewing.

Make The Move from Amateur to Professsional Filmmaker | Elliot Grove | Raindance Film Festival
On New Years Eve 2009, I looked at all the work I had done outside my day job and was pretty pleased with myself. I asked myself how many hours a week I had managed to devote exclusively to my private ambitions of drawing, painting and creative writing. The answer was a paltry 2 hours per week.

Did Movie Studios Really Demand Google Remove Legitimate Links to Amazon, Facebook, and Wikipedia? | Fruzsina Eördögh | Slate
I recently had a post that is - essentially - a link to a press release taken down due to a DCMA complaint, which has proved puzzling as the company denies they filed a complaint, and Google/Blogger hasn't responded to my queries about what the complaint is, or who files it. In the mean time, I'm amused that studio's are having legitimate things of their own taken down:
Earlier this week, TorrentFreak noticed that in early November, a bunch of studios apparently requested the removal of links to their own Facebook pages, Wikipedia pages, and websites—even movie reviews.

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